Thursday, November 08, 2012

Trade Idea- David DeJesus

The Phillies need outfielders.  They have some in-house candidates (John Mayberry, Domonic Brown, and Darin Ruf), but outside help is needed.  Free agents like BJ Upton, Angel Pagan, and Michael Bourn are all being floated as ideas, but they'll come at quite a hefty price tag and each have their own pitfalls.

For example-
"There are a lot of reasons to like Upton, but it is worth mentioning he has not hit better than .246 since 2008 and has not had better than a .784 on-base-plus-slugging percentage since 2007. He strikes out a ton. Upton had a .298 on-base percentage last season. He has been benched in the past for a lack of hustle. He is not exactly a sure thing."
~Todd Zolecki

Bourn is 30 and game is built entirely on speed. He's likely to demand at least 5 YR/$85M. He plays great defense and still has elite speed, but the rest of his game is lacking. Meaning he might only be worth it for about 2 more years.

Pagan is pretty good all around, but he got a lot of publicity this season being with the Giants and his future payday went up because of it. Probably looking at 3-4 year deal worth at least $10M annually.

Upton is an out making machine. We don't need another .300 OBP guy in he lineup, especially not at the price he will cost and a 1st round pick surrendered to the Rays.

My Idea:
What about David DeJesus as a platoon partner with Mayberry?

Either play them in CF or RF.

DeJesus against RHP- .292/.367/.449 (.816 OPS)

Mayberry against LHP- .284/.328/.547 (.875 OPS).

DeJesus' contract is reasonable- $4.25M in 2013 with an identical option for 2014 or $1.5M buyout. The Cubs would probably take a borderline prospect for him and might even eat a million.  This allows resources to be spent elsewhere like another outfielder, third baseman, and/or setup man.


Chase Trillo said...

I'd rather go after Pagan at 3/30 or swing a trade for Crisp (aren't the A's always moving their veterans?). DeJesus never did much for me as a player. I'd rather ride with a Mayberry-Brown split than go after DeJesus. Maybe you could convince me of another player to platoon though. I also hope the Phils don't go after BJ Upton. He is a Jimmy clone. We don't need another one a top our lineup. Too many Ks and popups as it is in our lineup.

GM-Carson said...

DeJesus is not my Plan A,B,C, or even D, but I think it would be a reasonable option.

GM-Carson said...

From Matt Gelb:
...if Amaro had more opportunities to evaluate Ruf at the major-league level, perhaps there could be some clarity on this winter's strategy. Amaro believes he could piece together an outfield if he only acquires a centerfielder this winter. That plan is tenuous because there are more than a few unknowns among the current outfield candidates.

Ruf is chief among them. Amaro receives frequent reports from Jorge Velandia, the team's assistant minor-league field coordinator who also serves as GM for Tiburones de La Guaira, Ruf's winter ball team.

"He keeps telling me he can play left field," Amaro said.

The Phillies will put more trusted sets of eyes on Ruf in the coming weeks before he departs Venezuela. Charley Kerfeld and Bart Braun, two of Amaro's special assistants, may watch Ruf.

Beyond that, Amaro must decide whether Ruf's development and Domonic Brown's promise are enough to limit outside outfield additions. Whatever the case, Amaro is warming up to the idea of Ruf.

"He can hit, man," Amaro said. "He has power. I like it."

Ben said...

The idea doesn't really attract me as we already have too many part time outfielders. I would get behind this if coupled with trading Brown for a prospect or two, though.

Chase Trillo said...

Aren't DeJesus and Schierholtz pretty much one in the same?

GM-Carson said...

Scheirholtz never proved himself as a full-time player. DeJesus is a good on base Guy.

Anonymous said...

Schierholtz is easily equal to DeJesus. That's just a silly idea. Brown and/or Nate could platoon with Ruf and/or JMJ, and approximate or exceed any platoon involving DeJesus.
Pagan and Swisher make sense, and I like a Lee for Justin Upton idea, with a subsequent signing of a FA starter, such as Garza, Dempster, Greinke, etc...

GM-Carson said...

Schierholtz career OBP- .319

DeJesus career OBP- .355

Schierholtz career vs RHP- .266/.732

DeJesus career vs RHP- .292/.816

So, "Anonymous", you might not like my idea, but to call it "silly" is wrong on your behalf. Check the facts next time.

Anonymous said...

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