Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Active Leaders- Phillies in the Top 20

The following is a list of Phillies that are littered throughout the Top 20 active leaders in various statistical categories.

WAR - 53.3/Chase Utley (15th)
SLG - .551/Ryan Howard (9th)
OPS - .915/Ryan Howard (16th)
R - 1182/Jimmy Rollins (18th)
DBL - 421/Jimmy Rollins (19th)
TRPL - 105/Jimmy Rollins (4th)
K - 1306/Ryan Howard (16th)
SB - 403/Jimmy Rollins (7th)
HBP - 151/Chase Utley (5th)

WAR - 63.1/Roy Halladay (1st) & 33.1/Cliff Lee (13th)
ERA - 3.31/R. Halladay (8th), 3.34/C. Hamels (10th) & 3.59/C. Lee (15th)
W - 199/Roy Halladay (3rd)
WHIP - 1.14/C. Hamels (3rd), 1.17/R. Halladay (5th) & 1.21/C. Lee (12th)
IP - 2687.1/Roy Hallday (5th)
K - 2066/Roy Halladay (5th)
SV - 257/Jonathan Papelbon (7th)
CG - 66/Roy Halladay (1st) & 26/Cliff (8th)
SHO - 20/Roy Halladay (1st), 11/Cliff Lee (5th) & 6/Cole Hamels (20th)
W% - .666/R. Halladay (1st), .616/C. Lee (12th) & .603/C. Hamels (14th)

We are witnessing a tremendous trio of starting pitchers and an all-time great shortstop.


C.M.R. said...

i just got an alert that ruiz is suspended for 25 games for using amphetamines

chooch why? :(

Ben said...

Well shit. Can't really say I'm too surprised though.

Anthony said...

And he'll come back in 25 games with a prescription just like Zach Collier.

GM-Carson said...

That is bullshit. I just lost some respect for him. 25 games for a starting catcher is a big deal. Now they have to go sign somebody because those youngsters aren't ready in the minors yet. 2013 season already off to a sour note.

Aaron said...

F'ing chooch... apparently this is his second positive test.....meaning he got caught once and KEPT DOING IT ANYWAY!!!
F you Chooch. you're an idiot and deserve the suspension.

Beer-a-Thon said...

Second positive test? That's selfish.

Even more pissed now.

GM-Carson said...

Pete Orr re-signed.

Humberto Quintero also inked to minor league deal.

Post coming tomorrow.

Bob D said...

He is still one of my favs
Adderal is for adhd

Anonymous said...

rollins is not a great shortstop. Cal yes, Banks yes, Jeter yes, eeh rollins OK

Anonymous said...

Hello. And Bye.