Wednesday, October 03, 2012

The End

May the Philadelphia Phillies 2012 season rest in peace.


Jay Wrizight said...

so negative, how do you expect to establish a fanbase?....hahaha

Bob D said...

Mini Mart flies out to end it....see you in spring.

Aaron said...

Worst Season of Phillies baseball i've ever seen. I've been watching the Phils since I was 5 in 1982. There have been some horrendous seasons in that time..but this one is easily the worst ever.

Here's who has to go
Greg Gross
Mini Mart

Andrew said...

A rule to live and die by: Papelbon never enters a game unless its a save situation. Ever.

GM-Carson said...

Shitty season finally over. Fixing the problems starts now. Too bad Amaro is a big part of the problem.

GM-Carson said...

That doche calling us negative on Facebook has no clue what he's talking about. We're not negative, we're real. You can sugarcoat a turd but it's still a turd in the end.

Fuhs said...

And your official 2012 scapegoats (coaching category) are:


I'm sure that's all we'll get until the options get declined and the non-tender deadline comes.

Fuhs said...

Time to bring back Jeltz for first?

brain said...

Lopes at first. He had his shit together.

Ben said...

Negative thoughts to end the season:

- I give up on Dom Brown forever.
- Ryan Howard's contract is the worst in Phillies history by a large margin.
- This team will never secede with Manuel as it's manager.

Postive thoughts to end the season:
- Cole is staying!
- Utley can still play
- There is enough young talent in the bullpen to last for several years.
- Darin Ruf looks pretty awesome. Start him every day.
- I never have to watch Ty Wigginton man third base for the Phillies again.

Beer-a-Thon said...

I keep reading about Dom Brown's "improved" defense, but I don't see it. Literally, with my own 2 eyes, don't see it. His tracking of balls is horrible and his DWAR is negative.

Get ready for Amaro to go in hot and heavy and make more bad signings.

By the way, shut up Sir Alden, Howard's contract is horrible.

Chase Trillo said...

So glad we still have Juan Samuel as our third base coach. How could we ever let him go...

GM-Carson said...

The Phillies were one of the worst teams at getting runners thrown out at home plate this season. That problem has a lot to do with the 3rd base coach. They can't afford to waste potential runs like that. Offense just isn't good anymore.

Chase Trillo said...

Management/Coaches Who Need To Go:

- Amaro (unfortunately he will still be here)
- Manuel unfortunately he will still be here)
- Samuel (why the loyalty for this guy - terrible third base coach)
- Dubee (like Manuel, he has been here too long)
- Gross (already gone - check)
- Perlozzo (already gone - check)
- Mackanin (already gone - check)

40-Man Roster Guys I Don't Want To See Again (but probably will see some):

- Diekman (way too damn inconsistent)
- Lindblom (gives up too many bombs)
- Rosenberg (throws too straight of a fastball)
- LeRud (send him back to the scrap heap)
- Schneider (be glad you were brought back last year)
- Martinez (go away forever, please)
- Wigginton (can’t believe you were on the team all year)

If Possible, Sell High On:

- Kendrick (nice trading piece if other teams believe in him)
- Papelbon (i’d still move him if someone would pay most / all of his remaining salary)
- Howard (i’d still move him if someone would pay most / all of his remaining salary)

Decent Players / Injured Players Who Don't Fit Anymore:

- Pierre (you did well, but you won’t play a lot here next year)
- Polanco (thanks for the defense, now you are an injury liability)
- Nix or Schierholtz (leaning on getting rid of Nix with his health issues)

Please Send These Guys Packing Too:

- The Entire TV Crew (McCarthy, Matthews, and even Wheels)
- The Medical/Training Staff

Aaron said...

Sandberg is the 3rd base coach and hitting instructor. Sammy was offered 1st base coach but has not yet accepted.

Love adding Sandberg to take over for charlie in 14.
Love getting of GG!!!!! He wasn't a very good hitter when he played hence the reason he never started....why on earth did they think he would be a good hitting coach? Regardless of who the hitting coach is however, Jimmy will still pop out and Ryan will swing and miss at low and away breaking balls.