Tuesday, October 02, 2012

BJ Rosenberg & The Bear

BJ Rosenberg gets the start tonight. He's quietly lowered his ERA by nearly cutting it in half from 13.09 (on September 1st) to 6.86, thanks to 7 consecutive scoreless appearances, spanning 10 innings.

Expect tonight to seem more like a Spring Training game rather than an October baseball. The Nationals have nothing left to play for and will likely rest their regulars the final two games of the season, along with giving their starting pitchers short outings. The Phillies on the other hand might continue trotting out Michael Martinez in the starting lineup due to a J-Roll injury and Manuel not caring. Obviously this is much watch television. Sorry New Girl.


Bob D said...

Put Pete Orr in - he continues to have a better bat and is good on defense. He is faster too - 3 stolen bases, or at least he uses his speed to steal - Mini Mart hasnt even attempted to steal this year. If he is so fast, then why doesn't he steal? Oh wait you need to get on base to steal. He also provides no protection in lineup for Ruf, let alone a pitcher.

GM-Carson said...

I'd rather see Ty Wiggy and SS than Mini-Mart.

Andrew said...

Focusing on the good things this season:

1) Our second half was as good as anybody. About equal to the Nats. >0.600 win%

2) We have a nice, young bullpen shaping up. These guys figured it out and will be very valuable next year. Between De Fratus, Aumont, Horst, Lindblom, Stutes, Diekmann, Rosenberg, Bastardo and Paps we can form a formidable pen and maybe have 1-2 options to convert to starters

3) Assuming Halladay just had a fluke year, Roy, Cliff, Hamels, Worley and KK make a nice rotation with Cloyd and whomever else waiting to fill in the voids

4) Focus on improving the bats and we should be a force once again

Beer-a-Thon said...

I really fear this offseason is going to be filled with bad contracts. I could see Amaro throwing stupid money and Bourn or BJ Upton and that scares the piss outta me.

Beer-a-Thon said...

Ruf, another start, another hit. That hit be a homerun. Like this kid!

Rosenberg with 4 decent innings.

Beer-a-Thon said...

When is the last time Erik Kratz got a hit? Middle of August?

Beer-a-Thon said...

Jeff Lindblom has been horrible for the Phillies.

C.M.R. said...

darin ruf is to ryan howard as ryan howard is to jim thome

and i would be ok with that

Beer-a-Thon said...

I know Sir Alden doesn't want to hear it, but I'd be completely fine with Howard's contract disappearing from the books.

Chase Trillo said...

The following conversation took place 2 to 3 weeks ago.


Hey Rube, who is that guy wearing the #18 jersey over there? Did we reacquire Wes Helms? I always liked that guy.


Charlie, that is Darin Ruf. As an Organization, we thought we would be nice and bring him up for a courtesy cup of coffee after his AA season. He doesn't have any AAA experience, so I don't want to see him until we are officially eliminated from the playoff race. I don't care if we aren't scoring runs. He can't possibly be too successful without any AAA seasoning. I don't care if he broke Ryan Howard's Reading homerun record. I don't care if he was the 2012 Eastern League MVP. He sits. Play Mayberry. Play Brown. Hell, play my illegitimate son Michael Martinez. We have to see which one wins a job for next year. I am pulling for Martinez so I can finally show our scouting department that I am not a tool. Martinez should play a minimum of four times a week. That kid really reminds me of myself. All he needs is a chance. As for Ruf, he should be grateful we even called him up. No Ruf, unless he is the last man off the bench until we are out of it! You got that Chuck?


OK, boss. I'm glad you can make these decisions for me. My head would explode if the press asked me questions like they ask Andy Reid. I’ll defer to you and they will keep on loving me. I can let Ruf ride the pine until we are out of it, just like I did for Juan Pierre earlier in the year while I waited and waited and waited for Victorino to turn things around. Looks like that strategy paid off as we got ourselves a great reliever in Josh Lindblom…

Aaron said...

You know what Carson....Your'e right. Looking at the numbers the Phils should sign Angel Pagan to be their center fielder next year. He had a better year than Bourne did this year and he will come way cheaper!

Small sample size, but i'm convinced. Ruf needs to play every day next year for the Phillies. Not sold on Brown, he's shown some flashes, his defense has gotten better but I just keep seeing that terrible batting average.

Need a top notch experienced 8th inning guy.

The Mayberry experiment has to end.

Mini Mart can never play another major league game as long as he lives after tommorow.

Wiggy has to go.

I would like pierre back and could do without Nix.

Lindblom is fucking terrible.

i like Frandsen but i don't feel good with him as my starting 3rd baseman next year.

I think the biggest key to our season next year is Doc.

I do think we need another corner outfielder who is better than Mayberry, Nix, Shierholtz, Brown.

GM-Carson said...

Darin Ruf can "play" corner outfield.

Andrew said...

I think Brown is going to be a bit like Wieters on the O's. He came up with great fanfare but didn't impress. However, Wieters has gotten consistently better year after year until now he's leading a playoff bound team. Lets hope Brown is also an on-the-job learner

Bob D said...

Ruf may not be counted on as a starting OF yet, but I say bring him in to compete with Mayberry/Shierholtz/Brown. If he can out perform them - then he starts. I feel he would win a spot, and Charlie like his bat.

I would prefer to keep Pierre rather than sign Bourn. Pierre gets on base alot and is fast. Bourn has better glove and a top arm in CF - but not that much better to pay $15mil -vs- $3mil or so.

The team has nearly a dozen quality bullpen arms that are young - I can see one or two of them as trade bait.

I like Frandsen at 3B, only downfall is lack of power from power spot. Look for upgrade thru trade or bring someone to challenge or platoon at spot.

I do not forsee the Phils making many moves. Maybe signing 2 free agents and making 2 trades.