Friday, September 07, 2012

Series Preview - Rockies or whatever...

Friday, 7:05 - Cole Hamels v. Jeff Francis
Saturday, 7:05 - Cliff Unluck-Lee v. Jimmy Chitwood
Sunday, 1:35 - Tyler Cloyd v. Drew Pomeranz

Here's what the Phillies have done recently. They swept the team with the best record in the NL. They won a series against the team leading the NL Central. They won a series against the team leading the Wild Card. And they lost a series against the Mets. Go figure...

What I'm Parodying:
It Was a Good Day - Phillies Season Remix

Just wakin' up in the mornin' gotta curse Schmidt
I don't know but this season is full of sh*t
Lots barkin' from Wheels, few steals
And Ruben's still making some bad deals
I got my hopes up, but didn't wig out 
Can't believe that Charlie's still roamin' the dugout
Checked the lineup for later as I hit the do' 
Thinkin' "Is Martinez hitting better than one-oh-fo'?" 

He's gotta go back to the Iron Pigs
To hit like that and not pitch, won't cut it in the Bigs

Had to stop, got a blog to write
Lookin' at standings, not a playoff spot in sight 
But everything is alright
I got the signs from  Perlozzo and he gave me the green light
Called up Carson and I'm screamin' mad
Why's the team playin' so freakin' bad? 
But get me on the blog and the Twitter
Not Bobby V, not gonna be a Philly Phaithful quitter
Losin' games every day like they play at Shea
I can't believe, today is not a good day

What I'm Drinking:
I'm rolling down to Charm City to watch some meaningful baseball and you know what you have to drink when you're watching the O's right? Natty Bohs!! It might not be the best beer in the world (that would be Genessee Cream Ale, I guess...) but they go down smooth and they do have the best beer logo in the word. Love that Mr. Boh.


GM-Carson said...

Bo's and O's, Bo's and O's!

Reminds me of Step Brothers- Boats and Ho's.

GM-Carson said...

From Jayson Stark's Rumblings and Grumblings- "And they are expected to call up the man who led the minor leagues in homers, converted first baseman Darin Ruf, for a late-season look in left field.

Ruf just turned 26, had never shown up on any top-prospects radar screens and had never hit 20 homers before this season. But he mashed 38 in Double-A and inspired one scout to say: "He might be Matt Holliday. … I saw him eight or nine games. And I saw him hit everything. I saw him take a 97 mile-an-hour heater from Zack Wheeler off the wall for a double. I saw him hit a changeup for a home run. I saw him barrel up junkballers, guys who throw hard and everything in between. And defensively, I actually thought he was better in the outfield than he was at first base. He's an interesting guy."

Ben said...

Chooch is coming back and Polly is taking his place on the DL. Unfortunately, that might be a career for Polanco. It's a shame he had to end with a wimper like this- his lifetime average fell below .300.

GM-Carson said...

Pollypaloza part 2 was a bust.

rslitman said...

Why bother to put a guy on the DL in September? Unless it was the 60-day DL, to make room on the 40-man roster for a call-up. But I don't think Polanco went on the 60-day. Maybe there's some incentive he would collect by not ending the season on the DL, and the Phillies wanted to deny him that.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Ben. Polly's been a great player, got over 2,000 hits, gold glover, all-star. I think it's really sad to see his time in a Philies uni end like this...

GM-Carson said...

Polly's has one of the best, if not the best fielding percentages of all-time at both 2nd and 3rd base.

I can't believe the Phils are getting shutout by the friggin' Rockies. Their pitching is the worst.

Looks like Corey brought the O's bad luck, as they're currently being demolished by the Yankees.

Aaron said...

7 games back now with the next 12 games being played against terrible teams. I still don't think they sneak in, but things could start to get very interesting if the Phils do what they should do against the Rockies, Buttstros Marlins and Mets.
As I see it the Phis would have to win 11 or 12 of these games to have a legitimate shot at sneaking in.
if they were to 11 they would then need to go 8 and four in the last twelve games to finish at 10 games over 500.......which is how many games over 500 the cardinals are.
In the end I think the Phils end up finishing 4 games out of the wild card and they catch the Pirates. I predict the pirates finish 82 and 80 winning the last game of the season.

Ben said...

I have the Phils at an 84-78 finish, 6 games out of a Wildcard Spot, putting them 8th in the league. The Nats and Reds both win 95+ games and cruise into the playoffs, and the Braves, Cardinals, and Giants round out the crew with 90-92 wins a piece. The Dodgers and Pirates finish within 4 games of the 2nd wildcard. The Astros fail to win 50 games, the Cubs and Rockies finish somewhere in the vicinity of 65 or so wins, and every other team finishes between 72 and 80 wins.

Bob D said...

They need to finish 22-3 to have a shot

GM-Carson said...

They should have won a bunch of those games that the bullpen blew earlier this year, then it'd be a different story.