Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Do You Believe In Magic- Phillies Remix

Do You Believe In Magic- Phillies Remix
Do you believe in magic?
In the Phillies hearts
How Cole Hamels wins
Whenever he starts

And it's magic
If the team is in a groove
Makes you wanna be like Young MC and bust a move
I'll tell ya about the magic
It'll free your soul
It's how these Phillies got on this amazing roll

If you believe in magic, don't bother to choose
If it's between Doc or Cliff
There's no way we'll lose

Just go and watch
It'll start with a smile
It won't wipe off your face no matter how hard you try
Your heart starts thumping
And you can't seem to find
How you got there
So just blow your mind

If you believe in magic
Come along with me
We'll party until morning, celebrate with the team
And maybe, if the moment is right
They'll be 3 games back by tomorrow night

They'll go streakin', baby then you'll see
All the magic's in the Phillies is fulfilling dreams
Do you belive in magic? Yeah.
Ohhhh, talkin' bout magic
Do you believe like I believe?
Do you believe in magic?


Preserve Jon said...

Ugh. I hate that song. I do like the way they are playing and I do think it's possible for them to make the playoffs, but they dug themselves such a hole early in the year and all the Braves/Cards/Pirates have to do is play mediocre ball the rest of the way and the Fightins are toast.

I want to believe, I'm just not sure it'll happen.

SirAlden said...

1) Pass the Mets - Done
2) Get to .500 - Done
3) Get into the WildCard Race - 4 back - Done

4) Win a WildCard Spot - Pipe Dream.

I now see what Ruben was doing with the Outfield. Next year - Nix/Pierre/Ruf LF - Brown/Mayberry RF

Big money for a top CF option, there seem to be many, and a solid Bullpen arm. Then we are all set at 3B with M&M and Franken - (not)

GM-Carson said...

Don't get no hit.

GM-Carson said...

Holy crap. This might actually happen.

Anonymous said...

I am believing. 3.5 back now with other teams losing. I think we can do it. Good job on the song

Carol B said...

like the song and the idea NGU NADM never a dull moment

Beer-a-Thon said...

What does "NGU NADM" mean?

Beer-a-Thon said...

J-Roll is 14-47 since being benched for not hustling, with 7 R, 7 RBI, 2 DBL, 3 HR, and 2 SB.

Way to send a message Manuel.

GM-Carson said...

Cards lose. Thanks Padres.

3 games out of the wild card.

Ben said...

Thanks San Diego. You may have won a couple of home games against us for once this year, but you still found a way to help. Hope to see you in the playoffs some season soon.

Timmy Marty said...

Think I'm performing that song at open mic tomorrow.

Bob D said...

Holy playoff fever Batman ! 3 out now!

GM-Carson said...

Give the blog a plug and go for it- Timmy Marty.

Ben said...

Cards Lose. Dodgers Lose. Pirates Lose. Brewers charging just as hard as we are. This is going to be an epic three weeks.