Saturday, August 04, 2012

Worst of the Night

So what was the worst thing about last night's game?

The loss was bad. Losing is never good unless you're trying to get a better draft pick.

How about Nate Schierholtz forgetting the number of outs and getting doubled up in the first inning? That was embarrassing.

What about that blown 'out' call on John Mayberry at home in the 6th? That would have tied the game and the Phils ended up losing by that one run. That was pretty bad.

But in the end, the worst part of the game last night was Chris Wheeler repeatedly assuring everyone that Kyle Kendrick would be in the rotation for the rest of the season. Ugh.

What a good little soldier Wheels is. He has no problem talking incessantly about stuff we all know to be garbage just to make the bosses happy. I bet he got an email just before the game:


Hey buddy. We just traded Joe Blanton so KK's getting the start. And we're keeping him in the rotation the rest of the year. Do me a solid, make this all sound good for us tonight. Just keep saying how good an idea this is. If you say it enough people will believe it. And don't mention "He who should not be named" down in AAA. I can't bring him up now because he might do well, which would make me look dumb for starting Raul Valdes earlier this season. You know the routine.

Thanks buddy,

PS - When you can't answer the trivia question tonight, just pretend that you actually knew the answer and scoff at those that didn't know some random scrub player from the 70's. I love when you do that!


Bob D said...

Whatshisnameintriplea? Is that Kris Benson? I heard he is awesome.

GM-Carson said...

Wheeler pisses me off.

Amaro pisses me off.

The Phillies in general piss me off.

GM-Carson said...

Chooch to DL. MRI revealed a partial tear in the foot. He is expected to miss four to six weeks.


Ben said...

Chooch... DL?

Aaron said...

That's fine. Let Chooch rest for the rest until next year. This gives Kratz lots of time to sinc up with the starting rotation, making him a better backup catcher next year.
I was actually hoping he would go on the DL.

GM-Carson said...

Man, this season sucks.

Bob D said...

Talk of Worley and Halladay being shut down for year now.

GM-Carson said...

Who is talking that?

Halladay looks vintage Doc tonight.

Chase Trillo said...

Don't forget Manuel and Martinez for the pisses me off list!

Yeah, nice to see the vintage Doc tonight. It's been a while.

Ben said...

Worley should be shut down. As long as Doc pitches decently (sub-4 e.r.a.), he should pitch. Besides, if we call up Cloyd to replace Worley, and Doc sits, who do you pitch instead?

Aaron said...

Finally!!! Doc looked like Doc.
Dom Brown isn't exactly tearing it up yet but I like eye at the plate and his swing looks a lot less "loopy" to me. I'm actually quite optimistic about Brown if he can stay off the DL.
I absolutely freaking love Eric Kratz!!!!
Lindblom looks pretty good. Has good stats, but 10 bombs this year scares me a bit.