Tuesday, August 21, 2012


I am not here to talk about BABIP, ERC, DIPS or any other Sabermetric stats that "prove" Cliff Lee is unlucky and is still having a great season (Cliff Lee-esque if you will).  Nope, I'm here to talk about his wins, and in that department nobody can argue that he's been extremely unlucky.

Through 21 starts, Lee has a 3.83 ERA and 1.16 WHIP.  Honestly, that should be good enough for about 10 wins.  Yet, he only has 2.

Here's a list of MLB pitchers that have more wins than Cliff Lee and far worse ERA's (minimum 1 earned run higher)...

*Bruce Chen/KCR - 9 W/5.45 ERA
*Ricky Nolasco/MIA - 9 W/4.94 ERA
*Ubaldo Jimenez/CLE - 9 W/5.59 ERA
*Ricky Romero/TOR - 8 W/5.53 ERA
*JA Happ/HOU/TOR - 8 W/4.88 ERA
*Derek Lowe/CLE/NYY - 8 W/5.36 ERA
*Jason Marquis/MIN/SDP - 8 W/5.30 ERA
*Joe Blanton/PHI/LAD - 8 W/4.96 ERA
*Dan Haren/LAA - 8 W/4.90 ERA
*Blake Beaven/SEA - 8 W/5.00 ERA
*Freddy Garcia/NYY - 7 W/4.96 ERA
*John Lester/BOS - 7 W/5.03 ERA
*Luke Hochevar/KCR - 7 W/5.24 ERA
*Derek Holland/TEX - 7 W/4.98 ERA
*Henderson Alvarez/TOR - 7 W/4.84 ERA
*Johan Santana/NYM - 6 W/4.85 ERA
*Ervin Santana/LAA - 6 W/5.59 ERA
*Bereket Desta/Ethiopia - 6 W/37.89 ERA 
*Tim Lincecum/SFG - 6 W/5.45 ERA
*Jeff Gray/MIN - 6 W/5.59 ERA
*Josh Beckett/BOS - 5 W/5.23 ERA
*Jeremy Guthrie/COL/KCR - 5 W/5.41 ERA
*Philip Humber/CHW - 5 W/5.76 ERA
*Brain Matusz/BAL - 5 W/5.42 ERA
*Daniel Bard/BOS - 5 W/5.24 ERA
*Bud Norris/HOU - 5 W/5.23 ERA
*Christian Friedrich/COL - 5 W/6.17 ERA
*Josh Tomlin/CLE - 5 W/6.36 ERA
*Livan Hernandez/ATL/MIL - 4 W/5.20 ERA
*Roy Oswalt/TEX - 4 W/6.04 ERA
*Jeff Francis/COL - 4 W/6.07 ERA
*Francisco Liriano/MIN/CWS - 4 W/5.22 ERA
*Ross Ohlendorf/SDP - 4 W/7.77 ERA
*Nick Blackburn/MIN - 4 W/7.39 ERA
*Tommy Hunter/BAL - 4 W/5.49 ERA
*John Axford/MIL - 4 W/5.22 ERA
*Travis Wood/CHC - 4 W/4.83 ERA
*Jeanmar Gomez/CLE - 4 W/5.18 ERA
*Will Smith/KCR - 4 W/5.40 ERA
*Randy Wolf/MIL - 3 W/5.69 ERA
*Francisco Cordero/TOR/HOU - 3 W/7.55 ERA
*John Danks/CHW - 3 W/5.70 ERA
*Jair Jurrjens/ATL - 3 W/6.89 ERA
*Jake Arrieta/BAL - 3 W/6.13 ERA
*Vin Mazzaro/KCR - 3 W/6.89 ERA
*Daniel Hudson/ARI - 3 W/7.35 ERA
*Tyler Chatwood/COL - 3 W/5.46 ERA

As you can see, quite the extensive list.  If you actually took the time to read it, you probably didn't recognize some of the names.  Basically, Cliff Lee has been incredibly freakin' unlucky in terms of winning ball games.  His ERA on the other hand...


GM-Carson said...

I still can't believe he tossed 10 shutout innings against SF and didn't pick up the W. Sad.

Chase Trillo said...

Nice to see Aumont called up. Hopefully he shows a little something so that Rosenberg is the one sent packing when Horst returns from his paternity leave.

GM-Carson said...

Aumont has potential. Potential to suck. Potential to be awesome. He extremely inconsistent. I read the Phillies minor league box scores daily and he's one helluva roller coaster ride. Strap in!

GM-Carson said...

Thanks to the dynamic duo of Utley and Howard's fielding plus being "unlucky", Lee will again not notch another win.

GM-Carson said...

Kevin Fransden is playing himself into a role on the 2013 Phillies roster.

Beer-a-Thon said...


Worst bullpen in Phillies history.

Anonymous said...

Frandsen is tearing it up. He should definitely be a utility player next year. Possibly even the starter at 3B if the front office can't find/sign some "name" guy.

Chase Trillo said...

I cannot stand Papelbon. I hate his stare down. I hate his aloof interviews/personality disorder. I hate that he continually gives up bombs. I hate that he is here another three years.

Before next season, here is my list of players the Phils need to get off this team - Martinez, Papelbon, Rosenberg, & Wigginton. I'd like to see Kendrick out of here too, but I can't see that lovefest ending just yet. Manuel and his staff need to go too!

Bob D said...

Now that game was unluckLee

Andrew said...

Papelbon is unbelievably bad in non-save situations. headcase.