Friday, August 03, 2012

Series Preview: D-Backs

Friday, 7:05 - Shoulda Bintraded v. Ian Kenned
Saturday, 7:05 - Roy Halladay v. Joe Saunders
Sunday, 1:35 - Cliff Lee v. Trevor Cahill

Seriously, Rube couldn't find a taker for Joe Blanton? Sheesh.

UPDATE: Should Bintraded has just been traded. Blanton goes to the Dodgers for Player To Be Names Later or straight cash homey.

The Phils have called up BJ Rosenberg which means KK starts tonight.

D-Backs Hitting:
Arizona has been mashing recently. Jason Kubel had 12 homers and 22 RBI in July. Paul Goldschmidt and Miguel Montero each drove in 18. They acquired third baseman Chris Johnson from the Astros and he has 5 hits, including a grand slam, in his first three games. If Justin Upton and Chris Young ever start hitting again, this team could win the division as they are only two games back after sweeping the Dodgers this week.

D-Backs Pitching:
Mike Zagurski is in the bullpen for Arizona, so that favors the Phillies. [Every time I see Zagurski's fat face, I think of former rotund Pirate starter Jimmy Anderson. During the fourth inning of every one of his starts, my Dad would always say, "Time for Anderson to tank it so he can get to the post-game buffett." And since Anderson never made it past the 5th inning, this seemed like a plausible explanation. And when he wasn't starting and the camera would catch him in the dugout, he'd always say, "I think there are bar-b-q sauces stains on his jersey." Good times.]

What I'm Drinking:
Dogfish Head Jin - This is the greatest gin I've ever had. They only use four botanicals - juniper, cucumber, coriander seeds and whole leaf hops. The juniper and cucumber give that classic gin flavor, but the hops really shine through. I've been drinking this stuff straight up, slightly chilled. A few cubes of ice could be used but this gin is so tasty and smooth, it would really be a shame to water it down at all.

What I'm Reading:
Abraham Lincoln - Vampire Hunter. I'm not one to read books, not when there is sooooo much stuff on the internet that I haven't got too yet. But somebody left this lay on my kitchen table and I figured, "What the hell." And wouldn't you know, it wasn't that bad. It wasn't that good either. But if you find yourself sitting on a beach somewhere soon and need something to read, give it shot, especially if you like fiction that pretends to be non-fiction and you've already read that day's New York Times...


GM-Carson said...

I'm going to watch Halladay's start closely. He's just off this season. Something is wrong, gotta be.

Aaron said...

Good - Joe Blanton is finally GONE!!!

BAD - The Phils Didn't call up Cloyd instead they put KK back in the damn rotation again!!!!!!

Fuck, we don't need to see what KK and minimart can do!!!! Let the damn kids play!!!!!!!!!!!!!

GM-Carson said...

Cloyd started last night in triple a, hopefully he gets called up after km shellacking tonight.

GM-Carson said...

Dodgers claiclaimed Lee too. 2 days to work out trade or keep him until offseason.

Ben said...

Now that Houston doesn't count as a team anymore, it looks like the Dodgers are becoming the ex-Phillie team.

I wish I could say the dead weight is gone, but Martinez is still here, which I think completely cancels out the trades.

Ben said...

Also, how about this- Lee and Rollins to Dodgers for Kershaw and a prospect or two? I'd do that, although their supposed interest in Rollins is probably a lot less now that they got Hanley.

Beer-a-Thon said...

Lee to Dodgers won't happen now. Maybe in the offseason, but not now.

By the way- the Phillies suck!

Anonymous said...

No chance in hell that the Dodgers would do that Kershaw deal straight up for Lee and Rollins, let alone throw in some prospects.

Beauchamp said...

Cloyd started last night in triple a, hopefully he gets called up after km shellacking tonight.