Friday, August 10, 2012

Series Preview - Cardinals

Friday, 7:05 - Roy Halladay v. Kyle Lohse
Saturday, 7:05 - Cliff Lee v. Jake Westbrook
Sunday, 1:35 - The Vanimal v. Lance Lynn

The Cardinals are playing to get in the playoffs while the Phillies are just playing.

St. Louis sits 5 games out in the NL Central (3rd place) and 2.5 games back of Wild Card #2 leader Pittsburgh.

What to Watch For This Series:
- Will Vance Worley continue to struggle with his elbow injury? Will the Phillies shut him down if he does? Will any Phillies broadcaster even mention that he's pitching in relatively meaningless games with bone chips in his elbow?
- Can Cliff extend his lead over Robert E. to three games?
- Can Michael Martinez get his average (.135) higher than Roy Halladay (.188)?

Irritating Read of the Day:
Check out the Phillies team report on Yahoo!.

Here's KK talking about his role and his last start - "I guess that's how it is with me. "It's been, 'What have you done for me lately?' You always want to pitch good. It was a bad outing, but you've got to move forward."

And here's the mention of Tyler Cloyd - "The Phillies have a young pitcher in Triple A, Tyler Cloyd, who has dominated at Lehigh Valley this year with a 2.12 ERA. However, he is not considered a hard thrower and most scouts seem to believe he doesn't have consistent enough stuff to get out major league hitters on a regular basis."

And finally, Charlie Manuel on the 5ht starting spot - "Rich (Dubee) and I will talk about it. It's not like there are a whole lot of options there."

So, KK is a whiny little baby who knows he should be in the bullpen or AAA yet still thinks he's Roy Halladay because he grew a beard that one time. And the 'scouts' don't THINK that Cloyd can get anyone out so they don't seem to want to give me a chance, an idea that Charlie reinforces with the 'no a lot of options' quote.

I have news for the scouts - Jamie Moyer and countless others didn't throw hard but were successful. And I don't want to hear about what you THINK will happen because the only thing that matters is the results on the field. And currently, his results are awesome and he deserves a chance to fail.

It just infuriates me that they won't give a guy a shot because he might not do well, but guys like KK and MM fail over and over again and are rewarded with more opportunities...

What I'm Drinking:
Bellringer Gin - I picked up this bottle of gin to make some gin and sodas. It cost me $13. Let's just say, you get what you pay for. It's 94.4 proof, but after that I have nothing positive to say. I should have just bought a handle of Banker's Club...

What I'm Listening To:
Everlast - Songs of the Ungrateful Living. Everybody knows "Jump Around" and "What It's Like" but the rest of Everlast's work, like this album released in 2011, is largely unappreciated. One my favorite songs on this album is "Sixty-five Roses," a song about dealing with child with a serious health issue. Kind of a "downer" but it's still a great tune.

Dumbest Thing I've Heard This Week:
NFL commissioner wants American Football as an Olympic sport. Seriously. 

There's Our Old Friend:
Shane Victorino hasn't been in LaLa Land very long but he intends on staying.

Victorino had this to say a few days ago - "I don't want to just be a two-month or three-month rental. I want to be here. Don't get me wrong. I still miss Philly and I still miss everything about that place, but... I'd love to stay here for the next however many years."

Good for Victorino. He has family in Vegas and there aren't many other places to play major league baseball that are closer to Hawaii. He was a good player for the Philles and unlike some other former Fightins (see: Rod Barajas) I wish Victorino nothing but the best. Also, I didn't want the Phils to re-sign him or his diminishing skills.


GM-Carson said...

Someone on Twitter told me that KK = Cloyd.

I came back with- KK was never as good as Cloyd has been in the minors.

He then reeled off stats like BABIP and K:BB and told me Cloyd was nothing but lucky.

Oh shit!

For real!

I hate these idiots that use BABIP to answer everything.

Cloyd has dominated this season and deserves a shot. He's done well his entire minor league career aside from one bad season.

Not giving him a chance is retarded. And saying that he equal KK is equally retarded because Cloyd hasn't even been tested yet. He could be equal, he could be worse, or he could be better. Don't you think we should find out?

Anonymous said...

one of the great things about sports is that you have to play the game to win. it's not just handed to you. the winner isn't determined by stats, or a measure of talent. sometimes, the better team loses. many times, the less talented athlete succeeds while the gifted athlete fails. why? because intangibles matter. certain things are over-rated (ie leadership) but others are discounted, like determination, desire, will, work-ethic. and one of the most important qualities of an athlete, intelligence, is often overlooked. often, the greatest athletes aren't discovered until they've are given the opportunity.

my point is, using stats or other measurable to predetermine performance goes against the nature of sports.

Chase Trillo said...

GM Carson says:
guys like KK and MM fail over and over again and are rewarded with more opportunities...

MADDENING! yet, so true... Makes one want to vomit profusely... What do they have to lose by letting Cloyd make a handful of starts? They can only gain if he pitches well. Heaven forbid you have to DFA Martinez to make room for him on the roster...

As for Victorino, have fun in LA or wherever you end up after the season (hopefully it's not back here). We'll see you at the reunions.

AARON said...

I am seething at the fact that KK is still starting with Cloyd in the minors. AND MINI MART HAS GOT TO GO!!! HE SHOULD BE PLAYING IN INDEPENDENT LEAGUE AT BEST!!!!!!

Bob D said...

Maybe Amaro thinks the team has a chance for the playoffs....yeah right.

Until then Cloyd remains in minors and Worley in rotation.

MM needs to goto single A

GM-Carson said...

At the game now, tons of empty seats.

Andrew said...

If I recall correctly, KK was called up directly from AA in a surprise move, right? Thus, he never even had a chance to face AAA hitters before being in the bigs. Cloyd has proven he can get out AAA guys in >20 starts this season. Only a fool wouldn't give him a chance in an already lost season.

Ben said...

I probably shouldn't count the chickens before they hatch, but Doc looks like he's ok. I think he'll be back to being one of the game's best starters next year.

GM-Carson said...

Doc looked great tonight. Great game to see at the park. Was surprised the amount of applause that Papelbon received entering the game.

Ben said...

Paplebon would be doing fine if we were paying him 3-4 million a year. For what we are giving him, he needs to do better.