Thursday, August 16, 2012

Series Preview - Brew Crew

Thursday, 8:10 - Unlucky Lee v. Marco Estrada
Friday, 8:10 - The Vanimal v. Yovani Gallardo
Saturday, 7:10 - OGP v. Mike Fiers
Sunday, 2:10 - Oh no, it's KK v. Randy Wolf

Phillies Pitching:
- When will this bad luck streak end for Cliff Lee. Last year, Lee gave up 4 or more runs in 7 games and and 62 earned runs for the year. Already in 2012, he's given up 4+ earned in 9 games and 60 earned. To match last year's earned run totals, he will have to have a 90 inning scoreless streak. That is some serious bad luck.

- Vance Worley continues to pitch hurt for no apparent reason. Todd Zolecki mentioned this the other day on his blog with some quotes from assistant GM Scott Profrock. My 'favorite' quote - "I haven't been involved in any discussions whatsoever with shutting him down."

Wha-wha-what!?!?! You haven't even discussed shutting down a young pitcher with an elbow injury. This sort of quote does not inspire faith in the front office...

- KK had a great game versus the AAAA team playing in Miami, which means we get to watch him get hammered by real teams while T-Mac and Wheels use this one game as defense to keep giving him starts.

Brewers Pitching:
- Mike Fiers is a 27 year old, former 22nd round pick who's having some success in his first big league season. If he was with the Phillies, he be in AAA watching KK get 20 starts...

Phillies 'Hitting':
- Michale Martinez. Really? How is this guy still on the team. Current OPS - .375.

Brewers Hitting:
- Ryan Braun has played 108 games this season, which is about 50 more than he should have played. (Obviously Melky Cabrera didn't consult with Braun before admitting that his failed PED test was legit and that he accepts the punishment for his cheating.) Braun hasn't homered in two weeks and is 9 for his last 47.

Phils lose 3.


GM-Carson said...

I predict a spit series and some sillies to keep predicting the Phils have a chance at a Wild Card berth. Ha!!!

*Michael Martinez sucks!

* = every post's comment section will now contain this comment until he is off the team.

Richard Nebe Jr. said...

There's always a chance...

Hell, there's a chance we Americans will once and for all give up and go back to British rule!!

SirAlden said...

Gabriel Lino R - C
Kyle Simon RHP

Josh Lindblom RHP
Ethan Martin RHP
Player to be Named or Cash

Ryan O'Sullian RHP

Nate Schierholtz L - RF
Tommy Joseph R - C
Seth Rosin RHP

SirAlden said...

Number 9

GM-Carson said...

Who is Ryan O'Sullivan and what does #9 mean (Blur song or Magic Beer?)

GM-Carson said...

Ok- O'Sullivan is the "prospect" pitcher the Phils got from the Dodgers to complete the Blanton deal.

Still not sure what #9 means though.

Jack said...

I agree with Corey--why is Micheal Martinez still on our roster or even in our organization? I can't believe we got rid of Valdez to make room for this guy who makes Steve Jeltz look good.

Beer-a-Thon said...

Wilson Valdez did net the Phils Jeremy Horst and he looks like he could be a part of the bullpen for the next few seasons.

SirAlden said...

Ryan O'Sullian RHP

9 players for Thome, Pence, Victorino, Blanton.

One more to be named for Victorino.

SirAlden said...

M&M rocks.

Beer-a-Thon said...

Cliff Lee gives up 2 more homeruns. Unluckiest guy on the planet.

Bitch, please.

Beer-a-Thon said...

I want to punch people in the face that keep using the "unlucky" excuse for Lee this season. Same douches used that for Hamels in 2009. Hamels was mediocre in 2009, just as Lee has been this season.

It's not even about wins, that is highly dependent on run support. But his average against, homeruns, ERA, and WHIP just aren't good enough. He's supposed to be elite, he's far from it in 2012.

But he's just "unlucky", right? Not his fault he's getting hit around.


Beer-a-Thon said...

From a poster on BeerLeaguer:
"Statistically speaking, peripherals are stats that are highly predictive, while things like BABIP and HR/FB are not as predictive of future performance.

You can say that that makes them "luck", but I prefer to just say that they're not predictive of future performance. "Luck" is a very loaded term.

Proper use of peripherals: making predictions. Improper use: discounting actual performance."


Chase Trillo said...

Can we please fire Manuel now?! There is no way Lindblom should be in there after walking 2 guys. Bring in fucking Papelbon for 1 and a third freaking innings. FUCKING MORON!! Send him packing!! We'll see him at the reunions with Victorino!!

Chase Trillo said...

You suck Lindbomb! You suck more Martinez! You suck the most Manuel! This team is so damn unlikeable!

Bob D said...

Thanks Manny Trillo he needed to be named Lindbomb

GM-Carson said...

Lindblom is not making friends with Phillies fans, that's for sure.

Chase Trillo said...

GM-Carson said...

Lindblom is not making friends with Phillies fans, that's for sure.

It's a shame too. I thought he would be at least half helpful. What has he had, 2 or 3 good outings for us? The rest have been crap...

Between the butchering of the bullpen the last two nights and the non-action on J-Stroll, Manuel is managing like he wants out of town. Let's finally grant that long overdue wish! Thanks for '08, we'll see you in 2018 at the reunion...

Jack said...

I'd still rather have Valdez instead of Horst and Martinez--Martinez is a total zero offensively. How can this not be able to bunt for hits????

As for Horst we'll see, I'm not convinced this guy is any good yet. And what happen to all the "baby aces" we have the minors at the start of this season? Why do we need more prospects? What's wrong with the pitching prospects we have now?

Jack said...

carson--the pitcher the phils got is some double A pitcher who was considered the 23rd best prospect in the Dodgers organization--which isn't exactly brimming with prospects--according to baseball america.


Anthony said...

You know it's a good season when LAYNCE NIX is in CF.

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