Friday, August 31, 2012

Sereis Preview - Bravos

Friday, 7:35 - Roy Halladay v. Mike Minor
Saturday, 4:05 - Unluck-Lee v. Tim Hudson
Sunday, 5:05 - Don't Know v. Paul Maholm

Atlanta is currently in "first place" in the Wild Card standing, three games up on St. Louis and 3.5 up on Pittsburgh. So let's hope the Phils can pull off a sweep (ROFLMFAO) and help them Buccos!!!!

What I'm Parodying:
Friday - Meaningless Series Mix

Seven-thirty-five, first pitch in Atlanta
Gotta be good, gotta beat the Braves
Gotta have Cliff Lee, get a little lucky
Seein' all the games, the season’s goin'
Tickin' on and on, nobody’s watchin’
Gotta get home to my TV
Gotta catch the game, I see the Braves

Sittin' there in second place
Gnats are up in first place
Gotta make their mind up
Which place can they take

It’s Friday, Friday
Gotta play the Braves on Friday
Everybody's lookin' forward to next season
Friday, Friday
Gettin' beat on Friday
Everybody's lookin' forward to next season

Losing and losing and, (Yeah!)
Losing and losing and, (Yeah!)
Damn, damn, damn, damn
Lookin' forward to next season

Jimmy  Rollins:
I guess I'm in the minority, but I didn't think his "non-hustle" was that big of a deal. So he didn't run 100% down the line. Big deal. It was only an issue because the ball was dropped. And even then he was safe at first. Watch a game or two this weekend and count how many times a player does something at less than 100%. Everybody does it. The days of "Charlie Hustle" are over. We are in the era of "Chuckie Half-ass." Deal with it.

Now, the base running was just stupid...

What I'm Drinking:
Newcastle Brown Ale - This is in honor of my favorite EPL team, Newcastle United, who earned a spot into the Europa League group stage this week. Three years ago, Newcastle had such a bad season they were relegated into the English second division. Now, they're playing in Europe (only teams who finish high enough in their domestic leagues qualify), so there's hope for the Phillies after this train-wreck of a year.


GM-Carson said...

I don't really care if J-Stroll doesn't hustle on a pop up. I do care when he runs the bases like a retard though. That's what I take issue with.

BTW- Cole Hamels is going on Sunday.

GM-Carson said...

If the Phils had taken the first 2 games of the Mets series like they should have, they would only be 7 out of the Wild Card. That's a big number, but would had at least given a small glimmer of hope. Too bad they decided to Chuckie Half-Ass it.

Ben said...

This entire season was worth it just for that Friday parody. Thank you.

Aaron said...

I DO have a HUGE problem with him not running out a pop up and every other time he jogs to first. And you should too Carson!! Hustle wins ballgames... Period. Look how many games Utley has won over the years just by hustling.
I played baseball since I was 5 years old. I still play in a crappy adult softball league, and I run EVERYTHING out EVERY time. I do that for nothing, J Stroll won't do it for 11 million dollars!!!
It's bullshit and should never happen on a professional baseball field. But 80 percent of the league does it and like uncle Cholly I'm disgusted every time I see it.

Chase Trillo said...

So glad Martinez is the line-up tonight... How the hell does this guy even sniff the field, let alone start back to back games (and it's not even for Rollins)?!

Bob D said...

I hope Ruf replaces Mini Mart in lineup tomorrow

Bob D said...

Martinez is horrible!!!!!!

Chase Trillo said...

I hope Ruf replaces Mini Mart on the roster permanently.

Chase Trillo said...

How low will you go Mini? Now at a robust .127 on the season. Halladay (.146), Kendrick (.148), Lee (.200), and Hamels (.232) all have a higher batting averages for the year! He is one of many reasons Amaro and Manuel should both be fired. It's beyond stupid that this guy continues to occupy a roster spot and even stupider that Manuel continues to play him! Fire them both and cut that bum!

GM-Carson said...

Hamels and Lee are better pinch hitting options than most of our bench.

Chase Trillo said...

Did I mention I cannot stand Papelbomb...

Ranted about him a little while back. Too lazy to find it. You suck Papelbomb! Can't stand your act!