Friday, August 03, 2012

Question of the Day- Friday

Here's what we know:

1) Michael Martinez is one of the worst hitting position players in MLB history and isn't really an outfielder.

2) The Phillies want to see what Mayberry, Brown, and Schierholtz have to offer heading into 2013.

3) Juan Pierre is batting .312 with 27 SB.

Why did Charlie Manuel start Mini-Mart in CF?  Furthermore, why the hell is Martinez even on this team?


GM-Carson said...

Funny comment about Martinez on another blog:

"And how many guys can lose games for you with bad hitting, bad defense, bad throwing, bad base running, and a complete inability to make contact or lay down a sacrifice bunt when needed? Mini-Mart's a 5-tool pillar of suck."

*5-Tool Pillar of Suck sounds like an emo band, but I like it. Fits Mini-Mart perfectly.

Open Mike said...

Martinez is an even more sucky version of Steve Jeltz!

GM-Carson said...

Steve Jeltz gets a pass for being born in France and having that sweet hair.

Bob D said...

Five tool Mini-mart. Love it lol