Sunday, August 12, 2012

Kratz with The Howard, Phillies with the Win

The Howard- a strikeout, error, and homerun all wrapped up in a nifty lil' package by one player in the same game.

And for some uncanny reason, the Phillies seem to win any time one of them does it.

Today's hero- Erik Kratz.  The career minor leaguer is finally getting a chance to shine at 32 years old and is making the most of the opportunity, batting .333/1.200 in 20 games with 6 doubles, 5 homeruns, and 12 RBI. 

This marks the 4th Phillies Howard of the season, and the 4th time they've won (Others by Chooch, J-Roll, and Howard).

*Side note- Michael Martinez got the start at SS today and went 0-2, dropping his triple slash line to .130/.190/.185. Holy crapballs he's horrible, but loyal reader SirAlden loves him. He also thinks Mike Lieberthal was a cancer and that Ryan Howard is signed to a good contract, so his opinion should be taken with 1 million grains of salt.


Anonymous said...

i million grains of salt is what is in that little silver packet in a pack or raman noodles.

rslitman said...

I went to a Phillies game earlier this season (a Kendrick-started loss) and saw someone wearing a Martinez Phillies jersey. This was during an earlier time when Michael Martinez was active with the big league club. I wondered why he already had his own souvenier jersey and why anyone would want one. Then I got a closer look - #45, not #15! How quickly I forgot that Pedro spent some time with the Phillies 3 years ago!

imafan said...

What I wanna know is what the thought process was behind the intentional walk to Michael Martinez. You may that see that another time in his career.

Bob D said...

M&M has a great glove....maybe he can use that to hit the ball since his bat is broken. Didn't he skip Triple A?

Kratz may play himself into a backup role for next year behind Ruiz.

SirAlden said...

Hello GM-Carson.

Never said that Ryan was signed to a good contract.

What I have said is that far we have not lost money for the value he has given us and you should complain when he does.

And you never complain about lost dollars on like Pat the Bat and Chase.

On October 1st I would like you to do a post about Ryan's Total Earnings to date Oct 2012 and rate if you feel he owes Philadelphia a dime at that point or if we still owe him some dough.

Love you guys!

Bob D said...

Howard and Utley will both finish the season with likely respectable numbers which will be lost because the team is out of it by all star break

GM-Carson said...

Sir Alden- we love you too.

And if you looks and Utley's WAR, he's earned every penny of his contract. His contract is also lower value than Howard's and was signed as an extension that was necessary.

Remember, Howard's extension was not necessary. Amaro blew his wad way before he had too. Premature ejaculation there.

As far as Burrell goes, he did alright too. I put his contract in the same category as Howard's though. Not worth it in the end.