Saturday, August 18, 2012

BJ Rosenberg is in Trouble

Back in 2006 We Should Be GMs launched at the end of March right before the season started. We've witnessed lots of ups and downs, triumphs and defeats, mountains and valleys, highs and lows...oh, you get the point. However, we have not witnessed a Phillies pitcher as bad as BJ Rosenberg since the blog came into existence. And that does not bode well for him.

Taking into consideration my arbitrary minimum innings pitched requirement of 7 IP (the only way my silly post would hold a drop of water), Rosenberg has the worst ERA since Terry Adams in 2005.

Worst ERA:
2012 - BJ Rosenberg 12.79 ERA & 2.05 WHIP
2011- Andrew Carpenter 7.71 ERA & 1.82 WHIP
2010 - Mike Zagurski 10.29 RA & 1.86 WHIP
2009 - Brad Lidge 7.21 ERA & 1.81 WHIP
2008 - Les Walrond 6.10 ERA & 2.13 WHIP
2007 - John Ennis 8.22 ERA & 1.96 WHIP
2006 - Julio Santana 7.56 ERA & 2.04 WHIP
2005 - Terry Adams 12.83 ERA & 2.63 WHIP

The casual Phils fan would have a tough time remembering most of those pitchers outside of "Lights Out" Lidge.  That's why Rosenberg's crappiness does not look good for his future.  Take a look at that list.  Only Lidge went onto be a productive MLB pitcher following that horrendous season.  Most of the group is out of baseball or toiling away in the minors for the chance at one more shot of espresso in The Show.  If BJ is lucky enough to not be demoted back to Triple-A, he better work on stringing together a few scoreless appearances in order to defy history. Good luck with that buddy...


Anonymous said...

Don't bother ship him off with crawls !!!!!

Bob D said...

Carson don't forget this is the team that keeps Michael Martinez on the roster. On the plus side his crappieness makes unlucky Lee and Lindbomb and gang look all the better.

Bastardo is having a great season (when compared to Rosenberg)


Fuhs said...

How does he compare with Baez Suck?

GM-Carson said...

I like Cole Hamels.

That's all.

Aaron said...

Les Walrond was the Shiz.

Bob D said...

Seeking a better draft pic the Phillies will have Kendrick pitch today.

Aaron said...

Dom Browm is a complete Butcher in the field and is now hitting like .238. Looks like we need 3 outfielders next year. I would really like to see them give Ruf a look in September.