Monday, July 09, 2012

You Guys Are Incorrigible

We are at the point in the season where the Phils can't lose a game for 1/2 a week. Phew! Those people are right, baseball is a marathon. A painful, arduous marathon. I would say that it will be nice to take a break for a few days, but there's no rest for the wicked. Which brings me to today's topic: people are idiots. Specifically, the 'mainstream' media and Phillies fans.

In case you were living under a rock yesterday, here's how the afternoon went down. Some 'bag' from the Delco Times* tweeted that "Looks like Victorino is ticked and that's why he's scratched. Walked into clubhouse, soon say he was No. 7 in lineup, walked out wordlessly." NBC's baseball blog reported this tweet in a story calling Victorino's actions a "temper tantrum." Phillies fans then performed their obligatory duty of bashing Victorino for a few hours... until it was reported that the tweet was completely bogus, with the Delco Times guy calling it "dumb speculation."

[*Is the Delco Times a real newspaper? And if so, how does a guy who openly admits to "dumb speculation" get a press pass but this blogger can't even get the game on television occasionally? That moron completely destroyed any credibility he might have had.]

Well, here's the "legit" media at it again. Nobody asks difficult questions. They're all afraid of losing their precious access. They constantly use their platform to slander guys like me, you know, because I'm dumb and live in my mom's basement with nothing better to do than irresponsibly make up stories/rumors. Yet, time after time, they do the same thing. They ask needless questions in order to annoy players to possibly get a quote. They create rumors then assign the info to a "source" which magically justifies anything they write. And sometimes they just make stuff up, like this stalwart of journalistic integrity at the Delco Times just did.

So, the next time you see Buzz Bissinger or Bob Costas or some other pompous ass in the media blast the "bloggers" for whatever reason, just remember the Delco Times reporting information known to be false and NBC exaggerating a lie (temper tantrum?) for a few page hits.

Now, on to the Phillies fans. What am I going to do with you guys? I know it's been a tough season. I know you are all in a bad state of mind. But is it too difficult to wait until you know a guy did something wrong before calling him out for every bad thing he's ever done then running him out of town? I know your excuse, that you should be able to trust the "mainstream" media. But let me tell you a little secret, you can't. They're all liars.
In Other News:
- Vicente Padilla said that Mark Teixeira has a "problem" with Latin players and suggested that he should play a "women's sport." So, Padilla's decided to speak out about perceived racism by being obviously sexist. Stay classy, Vicente.

- The Phillies still have a better record than four NL teams, so they have that going for them.

- The home run derby is tonight. Here are my derby predictions: 1) Chris Berman will be so annoying I'll turn the channel before anybody even hits a homer 2) Andrew McCutchen's swing will get "messed up" and he'll start the second half of the season 0-20 and 3) that Sports Science nerd with the bad haircut will do a segment describing how the ball flies further in hot, humid air.


Anonymous said...

NBC lies? Surely you jest. They might big the biggest group of liars on the planet.

GM-Carson said...

NBC are not liars, they're purposely fabricating stories to see if the readers are intelligent enought to decipher bullshit from fact. It's nothing more than a test.

Anonymous said...

Listening to WIP last night, and some 'fan' called in and said the Shane was hungover from partying at the shore until 3:30am... I doubt it, but it might be a going away party?

Anonymous said...

Would you rather have a package built around Olt or Middlebrooks for Hamels?

Sam said...

Gah...nobody ever said that the phillies had to be amazing, even at this payroll. I'm becoming open to seeing what the next incarnation will look like, seeing who gets traded and who takes their place. The last time that happened was '06, when they jettisoned Cory Lidle and Abreu for nothing much. That's about as far as I can think at the moment.

GM-Carson said...

I loved the last 5 years but now is the time to shake shit up. This team is done as currently constructed.

Anonymous said...

Berman must die.

Anonymous said...

5 minutes ago