Friday, July 27, 2012

To Atlanta They Go: Brave Series Preview

Philadelphia Phillies (45-54) @ Atlanta Braves (54-44)

Pitching Matchups:
Friday, 7:35 Very Rich Hamels vs. Ben Sheets
Saturday, 7:10 Joe Blow vs. Mike Minor
Sunday, 1:35 Doc Halladay vs. Tim Hudson

Mohawks Offense:
R - 450 (10th)
AVG - .256 (17th)
OPS - .729 (15th)

Mohawks Pitching:
ERA - 3.98 (16th)
WHIP - 1.32 (19th)
BAA - .253 (15th)

Ryan Dempster doesn't want to go to the Braves.  Does he have a problem being overshadowed by Larry Jones swansong season?  Or is it that he finds the logo politically incorrect and offensive?  Either way, it doesn't appear the deal is gonna happen, so the Braves are still on the lookout for a starting pitcher.

Placido Polanco was a good bet to be traded, but now he's on the DL.  Dammit!  Guess he'll have to show he's healthy enough to be dealt before the August 31st waiver wire deadline now instead.  Blanton could possibly be making his last start for the Phils, while teammates Juan Pierre, Ty Wigginton, Shane Victorino and Hunter Pence could be heading elsewhere before Monday's trade deadline.


SirAlden said...

One half game out of 4th place!

Trade Pierre and bring up da dom.

Ben said...

Every single outfielder on this team might be somewhere else on Tuesday. I hope Pence, as he might actually bring more than a C+ prospect.

Majeda Khatun said...

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GM-Carson said...

Pence is a fun character, but his play is infuriating at times. He would have likely had a better season If Utley and Howard were in the lineup the whole year.

chase trillo said...

anytime they want to drill mccann or at least knock him off his feet, i will be all for it...

Aaron said...

Jesus Titty Fucking christ Cole.......seriously???
Nice job making us all feel really good about the $144.

GM-Carson said...

I will be the asshole that says it- Cole is NOT worth $144M. He deserved to get paid, but not that much. Second highest paid pitcher in the history of the game...please! I am happy he is a Phillies, but that is ridiculous money. Too bad we can't have Jared Weaver and is contract instead.

Whatever...great outing Cole.

chase trillo said...

What do you say we make some trades?!

this fundamentally flawed team makes me want to puke. can we hold someone accountable? anyone? hello?

Bob D said...

Amaro needs to keep enough together for this year to make a run if they can

Decide what OF'ers you want to have in 2013 and trade the rest if they bring a good player back - if not hold on to them.

Do Not trade Lee (even for salary relief) but rather trade Blanton

Possibly give Cloyd, Brown, and others a chance to see what they have

GM-Carson said...

Bob D- they can't make a run this year. They would have to win at a better than .700 clip and that still might not guarantee a playoff spot.

This season is dead.

Bob D said...

I agree the playoffs are nearly unreachable especially with eight teams to climb over. Need to retool for next year but only trade those u can get good return if not hang on to them

Aaron said...

Trade Blanton for anything you can get.
Call up Cloyd and see what he can do.

Trade Pierre, Wigginton, fontenot,Nix, for what ever we can get.

Call up Dom Brown and play him everyday.

Release or trade Schneider and let Kratz be your backup catcher like he should be next year and should have been this year as many of us pointed out in spring training.

Trade Vic for at least one good young controllable bullpen arm.

Trade Pence if someone blows you away with at least two very solid propects.

Next year I would not mind seeing a Brown, Bourne Pence outfield.

Sign Jeff Keppinger to play 3rd on a one or two year max contract.

would be a pretty good lineup.

Rotation should be better next year I hope. Let the kids fight it out for the 5th spot in the rotation.

And lastly, sign 2 very solid reliable veteran set up men in the offseason.

I should be be an F'ing GM......Rube sucks!!!!

Bob D said...

Another loss. Oh well. Wigginton Nix Pierre Fontenot are useful role players. Only trade if your improving. Blanton and Kendrick can be traded but their spots need to be filled for next year. Give Cloyd a shot and Brown in Of. Victorino only for a good return or keep him if Pence goes in trade but not both.

Ben said...

I like Aaron's plan, but I want Pence gone. He looks like he should be playing Junior High ball in terms of his baseball IQ.

chase trillo said...

I'd trade Vic for a legit bullpen piece before the weekend was over.

I'd trade Blanton for some minor league depth.

I'd consider trading Kendrick too as his value may never be higher with his scoreless streak going on. That still leaves you with Doc, Hamels, Worley, Lee, and Cloyd in the rotation. Let the young guys in the bullpen sink or swim.

I'd like to trade Wigginton, but I don't think the Phils can have Fontenot playing everyday even with the season pretty much being over. Fontenot is a nice backup, but do you really want him starting everyday?

I'd really like to trade Papelbon, but I don't see anyone wanting to take on that contract.

chase trillo said...

Trade Pence only if you get a legit group of players back.

GM-Carson said...

Only way Papelbon can get dealt is if the Phils ate about $5M a season from his contract. Yeah, his contract is that bad.

Bob D said...

Ruben always makes a trade on Aug 29

chase trillo said...

depending on the return, i would consider doing that with regard to papelbon.

i'd really like to do that for howard's contract. throw some team 20 million to take the last 4 years or whatever it is he has remaining.

so texas, you want lee? well, its going to be a real blockbuster. here it is: lee, howard, ruiz (blasphemy you say - but really his value will never be higher), martinez, and 20 million for profar, olt, napoli, moreland (doesn't have a place to play everyday), and uehara (they never use this guy right).

gives texas their much needed ace, a lefthanded slugger for when hamilton leaves, an all-around great catcher to lead them through the playoffs (he needs to be in the deal to move some of the pieces and get some the pieces in return), and a player they can banish to the minors forever.

it gives us two of their better prospects, our new firstbaseman, a decent younger catcher, a new veteran reliever, plus a good bit of financial freedom for next season and beyond.

C - Napoli (reup in the off-season)
1B - Moreland
2B - Utley
3B - Olt
SS - Rollins (Profar up in 13, starts in 14)
LF - Brown
CF - Bourn (sign in off-season)
RF - Pence


Anonymous said...

I know you can't get enough of the Sarge!

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Oh My!! It's cadillac time!!