Friday, July 13, 2012

Series Preview [not really...] - Rockies

Phillies (37-50) v. Rockies (33-52)

Friday 8:40 - Lee v. Friedrich
Saturday 8:10 - Worley v.Guthrie
Sunday 3:10 - Hamels v. Pomeranz

The Rockies suck. They only let their starters throw 75 pitches. They wear purple.

Okay, that's it for the preview...

New Twitter:
Want to follow somebody else on twitter? Can't get enough of other people's useless rantings? Well, then follow "angryFRANZKE" a new twitter feed from Phillies broadcaster Scott Franzke.* It promises to show what celebrated Phillies announcer Scott Franzke* is really thinking...

[*Not really Scott Franzke, in case you didn't know.]

On Booing... and stupid writers:
So the Kansas City fans booed Robinson Cano during his entire HR Derby failure because he didn't pick Billy Butler to be in the derby. Big freaking deal. But, it's a slow sports time so every writer in the freaking country had to pretend this was relevant and do a piece on it. So, I guess I might as well. Here's my take:

1) I love it. The more booing the better. I know it's an All Star event and everybody should be nice and smile for the TV cameras, but the fans were pissed because they spent good money on those tickets and wanted to see their hometown player. Makes sense to me. Let them boo.
2) Cano should have known this was going to be the reaction. Did you really need to pick Mark Trumbo? Nobody even knows Mark Trumbo. Poor decision, Robby.
3) John Paul Morosi, and other idiot writers, are idiots. Morosi said the booing was "needlessly tart and probably unwise." Needlessly tart? Studied at the Andy Martino School of Douchey Sports Writing, eh. But "unwise." How's that John Paul? Well, it was "foolish" to let "negativity seep into Kauffman Stadium" because it hurt their "marketing power" in competing for "top tier free agents." Seriously. That's what he said. This guy thinks a top player would turn down huge money because the fans booed the opposition in support of their own. He really, honestly got paid to write that.
4) You want to see effective booing then watch this little clip:


GM-Carson said...

So Hamels might be signing for 5 years $125M... not sure how theyll have enough. Budget. To fill other holes

Andrew said...


C.M.R. said...

ya i don't see it anywhere. i see a story on the pirates failing to sign appel, but none on cole.

Ben said...

If the Phillies sign Hamels, I do think they're just going to say fuck it and either A) go over the luxury tax threshold for 2013, or B) Trade Halladay or Lee, perhaps not this month, but this offseason. I don't mind this. If we're gonna be the Yankees of the NL, let's at least do it right.

imafan said...

Phillies base running is a colossal failure this year. Among other things

Chase Trillo said...

the offense is offensive and the bullpen still stinks.

the video says it all:

booo booo booo

are you done?

no, i am going to keep doing it.

booo booo booo

Anonymous said...

Make some damn changes.

Change the manager.

Change the pitching coach.

Change the hitting coach.

Trade a player.

Trade multiple players.

Do something.

Do anything.

Chase Trillo said...

chase trillo above.

Anonymous said...

That clip is HILARIOUS! Make some damn changes, indeed. This town's fans and team management are too sentimental sometimes. We need to stop paying people for what they did in 2008 and start looking towards the future.

Chase Trillo said...

Nice win after Sanches almost blew it (terrible choice by Manuel/Dubee). Let's see if they can do it again tomorrow.

Paul said...

the offense is offensive and the bullpen still stinks. the video says it all: booo booo booo are you done? no, i am going to keep doing it. booo booo booo