Tuesday, July 03, 2012

Series Preview- Mets...Again

Philadelphia Phillies (36-45) v. New York Mets (43-37)

[Look at those damn records. Sheesh.]

Pitching Matchups:
Tuesday, 7:10 - Vance Worley v. Jon Niese
Wednesday, 1:10 - O-fer Lee v. Chris Young
Thursday, 7:10 - Cole Hamels v. RA Dickey

Muts Batting:
Runs - 365 (8th)
Avg - .257 (14th)
Slug - .394 (19th)

Jason Bay is back! Of course, he's 2-25 since his return and .187 overall for the year. Ike Davis is still only batting .203.

Muts Pitching:
ERA - 3.86 (11th)
WHIP - 1.28 (13th)
BAA - .248 (12th)

What I'm Drinking:
Dark n Stormy - Gosling's Dark Rum and ginger beer. When it's 90 degrees, you need rum drinks.

All Star Snubs?:
The top two players in NL batting, Carlos Ruiz and David Wright, will both be playing for the NL All Star team. But they won't be starting. They both were beaten in the voting by Giants, Pablo Sandoval and Buster Posey. Both players are having good seasons but not nearly as good as Chooch and Wright. Yet somehow, players from New York and Philly were beaten in fan voting by players who play in a city with a population of only 800k. There's only two plausible explanations: 1) some Silicon Valley hacker rigged the online voting or 2) there was a local referendum for legalizing weed and/or same-sex marriage and to vote you also had to cast ballot for Kung Fu Panda and Posey.

Trade Idea/Rumor of the Series: 
Placido Polanco to the Tigers. The Tiger do not have a second baseman. I mean, they do. They have a few. It's just that none of them are any good. Ramon Santiago is hitting .227. Ryan Raburn is hitting .182. Danny Worth and Don Kelly are also hitting in the .180's.

Magic Number:
The Phils magic number just rented a house at the shore. It might not be around this summer...

Lee gets a win!!!!


Andrew said...

Bold prediction

GM-Carson said...

I do NOT second that prediction.

Ben said...

Amaro has gone out and publicly denied he is shopping Hamels.

Cole, it was wonderfull watching you pitch these last seven years...

GM-Carson said...

I wish Hamels could remain a Phillie, but I just don't see how it works monetarily with the contract he'll demand the bloated payroll the Phils have coming back in 2013.

Sadly, I say trade him and get some prospects- preferably at 3B and OF.

Bob D said...

Phillies magic number is checking into October cruises this year as it will be a shorter season.

Prediction Lee will get a win as he also gets a home run and two RBI's to finally score more runs than the other team

Ben said...

Exactly. If Hamels wants money, he should sign with Boston or New York. If Hamels wants to win, he should sign with Texas or Washington (gulp). There is no reason for him to return to the Phillies, and even if RAJ screws up and doesn't trade him and he walks, I'll have no hard feelings towards him.

Andrew said...

The only thing harder than seeing Cole leave would be seeing Cole leave for an NL East team - especially the gNats... hate those pesky gNats...

GM-Carson said...

I can't even watch this shit anymore.

Andrew said...

Imagine how we'd feel if Ruiz wasn't having an amazing year. We have one thing to root for: Chooch. He's not a factor, and we have no reason to turn on the tv...

GM-Carson said...

I used to care...

Anonymous said...

This team is lifeless and dead. For the love of God, make some changes!!!! Let's start with Fuqua and Victorino. I could care less if either are associated with the Phils again (outside of 2008 alumni weekends).

imafan said...

I came up with a new past time to take part in instead to watching these games anymore.

Anonymous said...

One hit since the second. They have quit on their manager. Call up Sandberg for good like you should have 30 years ago!

I'm all for keeping Hamels, but if you could pry Profar and Olt from the Rangers, I'd ship him out tonight. Anything less and a deal doesn't get done.

Anonymous said...

I like the Polanco idea to Detroit. Sad that trade ideas/rumors are all we have left this season...

GM-Carson said...

I'm all for trading away pieces. Hamels and Victorino have the most value. Blanton, Pierre, and Polanco might have a little value. Might as well see if you can get something for them.

This team needs completely dismantled. There is no saving this season and 2013 looks bad too unless you get some cheap talent infused (which could happen via trades).

Anonymous said...

Who would you want to keep on this team? The only one I wouldn't trade is Halladay. I'd listen to offers on anyone else. Maybe you can get a decent haul for Ruiz (his value will never be higher) or Papelbon. Maybe Hamels gets you Profar and Olt. Maybe Lee gets you someone like Olt if you don't want to trade Hamels. Not saying any of them should be shipped out, but you have to at least listen.

If I were GM, I'd do 4 things tonight:

1) Fire Fuqua/Promote Sandberg,
2) DFA Kendrick and his I pitched good even though I gave up 5 runs in the first inning bullshit/Call up Cloyd,
3) DFA Sanches/Call up Aumont to see what he can do.
4) Trade Victorino for a quality MLB bullpen piece and a AAA/AA bullpen piece or an AAA/AA OFer who could help you next year.

Ben said...

The only player I would not give up under any circumstances is Worley- he's all we've got that's young and good.

Bob S said...

If a complete overhaul is going to happen I suppose it would make more sense to start it now and get some plug in and play prospects in exchange for Hamels, Victorino and whoever else is going for a new contract next year. The question I have is how much can you overhaul after that. If the plan is to keep Doc why waste one of his few remaining good years by starting the rebuild in ST. Get the pieces now and let them play the rest of this season so the learning curve isnt so steep next year.

Bob D said...

Keep Ruiz Pence Utley Howard Halladay Lee Worley Rollins Bastardo Papelbon. That's a core for next year. Entertain trades for others. See if some minor leaguers have anything during the second half for next year.
Team needs a power bat added and a bullpen. Then likely a couple of arms for rotation

GM-Carson said...

Idea for 2013:

Rollins/SS, Utley/LF, Brown/CF, Howard/1B, Ruiz/C, Pence/RF.

Trade Victorino and Hamels in hopes of landing some of the following- CF, 2B, 3B (I'm not convinced Dom Brown can be starting outfielder in the Majors).

Prospect Cesar Hernandez has been hitting very well all season for Reading. Promote him to Lehigh for the 2 months and then to the Phils in September if he succeeds.

Schwimer, Papelbon, Bastardo, and...Stutes, Savery, Diekman?

Halladay, Lee, Worley, Kendrick, and Cloyd.

Once Hamels is traded, Cloyd needs to be given a real look for the final 2 months of the season. Kendrick can move back to the bullpen if the Phils were able to sign another starting pitcher.