Saturday, July 21, 2012

Drink This...

Hey, the Phillies lost...again.  Let's celebrate by drinking this...

Remember last season the Phils lost only 60 games all season, but in 2012 it's a different story with the total already at 53 with over a week to go in July.

Anyway, Elysian's "Loser" is an American style pale ale.  Elysian is out of Seattle, Washington, but is available in PA. In their words- "Celebrating 20 years of celebrating *Sub Pop Records, with beer. Specifically, this beer: Brewed with Carahell malts. Bittered with Sorachi Ace and finished with crystal hops."  With 7% ABV, a 6-pack will get you feeling good in one sitting (3 hours), which happens to be about the length of a Phillies game (that actually leaves you normally feeling bad).

Sub Pop Records All-Stars:
Nirvana, Mudhoney, Soundgarden, Sonic Youth, Butthole Surfers, and Flight of the Conchords.


Chase Trillo said...

fuqua! he left hamels in too long!

Ben said...

This is certainly not what I would have expected from a Cain-Hamels matchup.

Andrew said...

As I punish myself and watch this game into extra innings knowing fully well how it will end, I am intrigued by a comment by Wild Thing. Mitch said that in a save situation the pressure is all on the batter. In a non-save situation, the pressure is on the pitcher. He said this explaining why closers, like Paps, struggle in non-save situations. This made me think... it sounds like by that rationale, its much easier to be a closer than a middle reliever. So why the hell do we pay so much for and put so much emphasis on a closer when, according to a former closer, its an easy job to be in?

Bob D said...

After last weeks three game winning streak I was already to buy playoff tickets

GM-Carson said...

Cain and Hamels are both on my fantasy team. Only would have been good if pitchers' batting counts, because they both pitched poopy.

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