Sunday, July 15, 2012

Chooch Goes Howard

In an otherwise dismal season, Carlos Ruiz has been a godsend. If the Phils were in contention, Chooch would be a buzz name for NL MVP. As it turns out, wins have been few and far between in 2012 for the Phillies, but *twice this season a Phillie has performed The Howard (homerun, error, and strikeout all in same game) and the Phightins have gone onto win the contest. Last night Chooch pulled off the feat and of course the Phillies won.

*Jimmy Rollins went Howard earlier this year.

Now, I believe, is the time for the stat's namesake to do the deed. Let's root for a bomb in the thin Colorado air today from Ryan Howard, then his customary K and E to accompany it.


Bob D said...

Pence on pace for a Howard in early going.

You know it being named "The Howard" it sounds like something you should flush and spray after committing such a thing.

Andrew said...

oooh, a .667 pace following the all-star break!! Its a comeback!!

GM-Carson said...

Comeback my ass. I am so tired of reading the propaganda on about how all the veterans believe they have a run in them yet. Yeah don't think so too far out of it.

Bob D said...

They are too far out with too many teams between them and a playoff spot - highly unlikely to outplay all dozen teams.