Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Stats & Other Stuff

*Carlos Ruiz, with a .361 batting average, is the MLB leader.  Vote Chooch for 2012 NL starting catcher.

*Baltimore Orioles 1B/3B/DH Chris Davis, has more wins this season than the 3rd highest paid pitcher in the game Cliff Lee (Davis- 1, Lee- 0).

*The Phillies are 9th in the Majors with 330 runs scored, despite having no Utley or Howard, and piddling OPS from Victorino (.716) and Mayberry (.662).

*The Phils have the 3rd most hits (707) and 5th highest batting average (.266) in the Majors.

*They've drawn the 4th lowest amount of walks (194) and have struck out the 4th lowest amount of times (485).  This happens with hack-happy batters like Pence, Rollins, Victorino, Polanco, Ruiz, etc. that make frequent contact.

*They are successful in 85% of their stolen base attempts.  Eat that Davy Lopes!!!

*Their staff ERA is 4.00, which ranks 16th in the Majors.  No Halladay with more KK, mediocre Lee, Bad Blanton, a horrific bullpen, and a poor defense are the reasons for this.

*Despite all the struggles of the pitching staff this season, they have the most strikeouts (628) and issued the least amount of walks (187).

Other Stuff:
*Brian Schneider is out 3-5 weeks with an ankle sprain he suffered blocking the plate the other day. Erik Kratz will serve as the backup catcher.

*Chase Utley returns to the Phillies lineup tonight. Last season I was excited for this, this season I'm indifferent.  Don't get me wrong, seeing him at 2nd base is a helluva lot better than Mini-Mart or Galvis, but two years in a row of this stuff has dampened my enthusiasm.

*Raul Valdes gets the start today.  I'd love to see him reel off 4-5 shutout innings.  He's an underdog I pull for.


imafan said...

It's hard to walk opposing hitters when you throw meatballs. I heard Sarge talking about Lee the other night about how it's ok to not throw a strike every once in a while.

Preserve Jon said...

These stats tell me that even absent the anticipated return of Utley, Howard, and Holliday, the results will improve as the season moves forward.

I'm not able to watch the game on a nightly basis from B'More (haven't bit the MLB.TV bullet yet), but it seems that the tanker has started to make the slow turn in the right direction.

Remember it's the trim on the rudder that creates the greatest impact on the direction of the ship. Small improvements can affect big change.

I still think this team will make the playoffs.

GM-Carson said...

Preserve Jon- I think you're crazy in regards to the playoffs, but hope you're right at the same time.

Lee hates walking batters and does give up meatballs from time to time. That's why he's getting hit harder this season. Shhh, don't tell a stathead that though.

Ben said...

Lee has still been an ok pitcher this year. He's had his bad nights, but the reason our pitching sucks is Kendrick, Blanton, and especially the pen. On the bright side, Vance Worley had not suffered a Sophomore Slump, and Hamels has pitched well, but not Cy young caliber well, which will hopefully make him a bit more affordable this off season.

I would give the chance at making the playoffs as 40% or so. I would say, however, that our chance at keeping our division title streak going is zero.

Squire McGuire said...

Buh-bye mini-mart enjoy Lehigh Valley!!! Phase one of the Phillies making a run for the playoffs begins tonight with Chase!!!!!

GM-Carson said...

Michael Martinez is one of my most hated Phillies of all time. He never belonged on the team, ever. Complete waste of roster space and resources.

Ben said...

Good old Mini Mart will now be forever banished to Triple A. Have fun rotting down there. His lifetime states include a thrilling .185/.245/.268 and a 41 OPS+.

Anyone here know how to use those big baseball search engine thingamagigs? I wonder who the worst player to get 250 career PAs in terms of OPS+ is in the history of the game. It's probably not Mini-Mart, but he can't be too far off.

Bob D said...

BP game most of you thought it was a bullpen game, however we saw it was batting practice game

Bob D said...

Wow Qualls and Savery optioned and Horst and sanchez brought up.