Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Series Preview - Rockies

Philadelphia Phillies (31-37) v. Colorado Rockies (25-40)

Pitching Matchups:
Tuesday, 7:05 - Cole Hamles KK v. Josh Outman
Wednesday, 7:05 - Oh no, it's Joe v. Alex White
Thursday, 7:05 - Vance Worley v. Jeff Francis

All three starters for the Rockies have ERAs over five and a half. The Phillies likely will score less than three runs a game...

Mountains Batting:
Runs - 329 (3rd)
Avg - .265 (7th)
Slug - .450 (3rd)

It's Colorado, so everybody hits. WooHoo.

Mountains Pitching:
ERA - 5.35 (30th)
WHIP - 1.62 (30th)
BAA - .298 (30th)

Soooooo, the Rockies may have a pitching problem...

I know that pitching in Coors Field is a royal bitch, but this staff would be bad in any ballpark. Ten different pitcher have started a game for the Rockies and not a single one has an ERA under 4.70. Half of the ten have ERAs over seven. Seven!

Their Danny Sandoval:
Who doesn't hit in Colorado? Apparently, infielder Chris Nelson, who's hitting a mere .236.

Their Danys Baez:
As bad as the starting staff has been in Colorado, the bullpen has been pretty decent. Adam Ottavino, Rafael Betencourt, Matt Belisle and Josh Roenicke have all been solid. Esmil Rogers had an 8.06 ERA but somehow the Indains traded for him last week. So, I guess I'll give the award to Rex Brothers, who is actually only one person, and has a 4.24 ERA.

What I'm Listening To:
There are no bands that I know of from Denver, or even Colorado, that are any good. Thankfully, the Bouncing Souls released a new album last week.

What I'm Drinking:
Coors Banquet Beer - I love this stuff. There are a few macro-brewed beers out there that I just love and this is one of them. Original Coors is just plain, simple beer. There's absolutely nothing special about it. You want hoppy beer? This isn't it. You want roasted malts and full body? Keep looking. You want generic, thirst quenching, bubbly brew that tastes even better once you hit the second twelve pack, then this Buds Coors is for you.

Magic Number Watch:
The Phillies magic number moved to Pittsburgh.

I guess one win is better than none...


GM-Carson said...

My prediction- the Phillies will still suck after this series.

Jeremy said...

I thought about being a smart ass and recommending that campaign cheer comes back, but that implies a chance that this team has a chance, which it doesn't. Go Pirates.

GM-Carson said...

I'm all about the O's and Buccos right now. They deserve their moment in the spotlight.

Andrew said...

Galvis on the roids - still can't hit


Corey said...

and then there is this news on the bullpen:


imafan said...

Galvis on steroids is a real WTF moment. This organization is in absolute shambles at the moment.

GM-Carson said...

Oh, but Galvis is the world's best fielder.

And Galvis is so clutch.

Fuck Freddy Galvis. That bitch is worthless.

Ben said...

My assessment of this season through the ages:

April 1st: Will they win the division or just be a wildcard?
May 1st: Will they make the Playoffs?
June 1st: Will Utley and Howard ever come back?
June 15th: Will they have a winning season?
June 19th: Will they have the 1st draft pick?