Friday, June 29, 2012

Series Preview - Marlins

Phillies (36-42) at Florida Marlins (35-40)

Pitching Matchups:
Friday - 7:10 - Cliff Lee v. Josh Johnson
Saturday - 4:10 - Cole Hamels v. Mark Buehrle
Sunday - 1:10 - Oh no, it's Joe - Ricky Nolasco

What Happened To...
Hanley Ramirez? In his first five years in the majors, Ramirez hit .313 with a .906 OPS. In his last 170 games, he's hitting only .250 with a .778 OPS. What happened to Hanley?

Did They Overpay?
The Marlins gave Jose Reyes $106 million over the next six seasons. Reyes is hittting .269 with a .727 OPS. And I'm not surprised. Last year Reyes posted an OPS 100 points higher than his career average.  Reyes is a good player, but why would anybody except a player entering his thirties to change his career trends? And Reyes' career has been filled with injuries, inconsistencies, occasional great seasons, declining speed and pompous showboating. Just like the Jayson Werth deal, this was a bad contract the day it was signed.

What I'm Listening To:
Everclear - Invisible Stars - I was in my teens when Everclear released "Sparkle and Fade" and "So Much For The Afterglow." While I was mostly listening to punk rock and the Wu Tang Clan during this time, these two albums (along with the indie label release "World of Noise") made Everclear my favorite band. I've only listened to this album once but this album is basically an attempt to recreate 90's era Everclear, even re-working a few of the hooks from previous songs. And they do a pretty good job. As an Everclear fan, I'm excited. However, if I wasn't an Everlcear fan I would think to myself, "Why don't I just listen to the the 90's albums they made in the 90's and ignore this 'new' stuff?"

What I'm Drinking:
Woodford Reserve - I've recently shifted my focus away from Irish whiskey to bourbon mainly due a bottle of Woodford Reserve that was given to me as a gift. Unlike beer, I'm not very good at picking out the fine flavors of whiskey, but I do know when one is good and this stuff is liquid gold. [If any whiskey drinkers read this, give me some recommendations in the comment section. I don't know what to try next...]


Raul Valdes, Starter?
I've been a little busy the past week so I haven't had time to rant on the Phillies, and even though I'm a little late I have to talk about one thing - that Raul Valdes start was some serious bulls**t.

No offense to Raul or all the people that love that 34 year old no-talent reliever, but he isn't a major league starting pitcher. He's not even a minor league starting pitcher. And the fact that a major league baseball team, let alone one that theoretically is supposed to contend for a playoff spot, cannot find a qualified pitcher to start a game, really grinds my gears.

Isn't this the reason organizations have AAA teams? Is Lehigh Valley basically Dom Brown, Frenchy LeReliever and a bunch of useless players that will never play for the Phillies?  If so, what's the point?

And it's not like they didn't have room for a spot starter. I could see if there wasn't room on the 40 man roster or there wasn't a guy available to send down. But the team designated Chad Qualls a few hours later. Why didn't they do that earlier so they could bring somebody up to start?

And it's not like they didn't have somebody deserving of a spot start. Tyler Cloyd is 8-1 with a 2.11 ERA. I don't know if Cloyd will ever make it as a starter in the majors, but nobody will know if he never gets a chance. And is there any better time to give a 25 year old starter with a stellar AAA ERA a chance then in a game where you don't have a starter? Hell, even Dave Bush would have given the team a better chance to win.

Amaro dropped the ball on this one and it may have cost the Phils a win.


GM-Carson said...

Dave Bush now pitches in Korea.

Cloyd is putting up great numbers. I'd like to think he could be better than KK.

Hanley Ramirez seems like the kind of guy that doesn't work hard enough. He just strikes me as a lackadaisical lazy POS.

Oh yeah, Phils get swept in this series is my prediction.

Corey said...

right, and bush still would have been a better option than "shitty bullpen by committee"

Aaron said...

We need to trade Thome for a decent middle reliever now. Hopefully we can pick up an 8th inning guy before the trade deadline. We need Roy back so Kendrick can go back to mop up duties

Chyan Utward said...

Woodsford Reserve is one of the best that I've found, even amongst the more expensive like Bookers and Blanton's.

Bob D said...

Resuming the Cliff Lee win watch tonight.

Thome likely to be traded and we will see new players over next few weeks

Ben said...

Thome is as good as gone. Though he's having an off year, Victorino is still trade-able (unlike Blanton or Kendrick), and I expect to see him sent away as soon as Nix is healthy. That's about it. I don't think Hamels will be dealt, and we don't have any big deal prospects to trade. If those two go in favor of solid revilers, the Phils will tear up the last portion of the season, but it's to late too seriously contend. Due to age, 2013 through 15 are going to be complete lost causes. Were I RAJ (and I am very clearly not), I would begin rebuilding with the target of getting back into contention by the 2016 season.

Beer-a-Thon said...

I think Juann Pierre has a little value. And so does Blanton. Teams in contention like the O's and Jays need pitching. Wouldn't get much for either of them, but might get a prospect or bullpen arm that could help for the rest of this year or in the near future.

Victorino has value and honestly, I don't think the Phils should re-sign him. He's already peaked as a player and now will decline and get very expensive (see- Chase Utley and Ryan Howard and most other free agents that hit the open market in their early 30's.)

Ben said...

We should definitely go and try to keep Cole. Ruiz I would not mind seeing back on something like a 2 year/less than 20 million deal, but don't keep him long. Vic I don't want to see back.

Joe said...

Something needs to be done, it is so obvious the bullpen is losing games for the Phils. Puzzled why Amaro isn't doing anything. Qualls, Herndon, Kendrick, Savery need to just go bye bye.

Bring up Cloyd and trade Brown or Victorino (assuming a good glove CF is given a shot) I'm sure Amaro can think of something better this this crap we are forced to watch every night.

Aaron said...

Cliff Lee is very expensive garbage

GM-Carson said...

Fear not Phillies fans. According super smart sabermatricians like those of Crashburn Alley, Cliff Lee is still great despite his climbing ERA and ZERO wins.

Aaron said...

Pence is as clutch as they come when no ones on base

GM-Carson said...

It really does amaze me how good Pence has been with nobody on, and alternately, just how awful he's been with runners on.

BTW- I am tired of Mayberry. He's no good. Stance is too effed up for him to ever be consistently good.

Aaron said...

Well 5 innings 5 runs. Way to earn your check Cliff.

GM-Carson said...

I'm so glad I'll be at a wedding tomorrow with an open bar that is far, far away from watching the Phillies shitfest.

Also- why the hell is Pence so bad in the field. It's like he's mentally challenged or something.

GM-Carson said...

Can't wait to read more stats and look at charts that tell me how good Cliff Lee has been despite being winless and having an ERA north of 4.

Ben said...

I bet sales for Todd Zolecki's book on the rotation aren't doing so hot right now.

GM-Carson said...

I'm anxious to read his book on this season's rotation. From Great to Complete Shit in 1 Calendar Year.

Fan from Fifty said...

Woodford Reserve is good, but my favorite for the past twelve years has been Jefferson Reserve.

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