Monday, June 04, 2012

Series Preview - Dodgers

Phillies (28-27) v. LA Dodgers (33-21)

Pitching Matchups:
Monday, 7:00 - Vance Worley v. Clayton Kershaw
Tuesday, 7:05 - Cliff Lee v. Chad Billingsley
Wednesday, 7:05 - Oh great, it's KK v. Chris Capuano
Thursday, 1:05 - Cole Hamels v. Aaron Harang

Fagin's Apprentice Batting:
Runs - 232 (15th)
Avg - .269 (4th)
Slug - .405 (12th)

Matt Kemp is on the DL, so the Phils have that going for them. And after Andre Ethier, there's isn't much to be afraid of in the Dodger lineup. Of course, now that I've said that, James Loney will probably hit three homers tonight.

Fagin's Apprentice Pitching:
ERA - 3.27 (4th)
WHIP - 1.23 (6th)
BAA - .231 (2nd)

Kershaw has been great, as expected. But I don't think anybody predicted Chris Capuano busting out of the gate with a 7-2, 2.50 line. Chad Billingsley has continued to not live up to the hype and Aaron Harang looks like he hasn't slept in weeks but is pitching 'okay' after seemingly running out of gas in Cincy a few years ago.

Their Danny Sandoval:
Adam Kennedy is playing for his fifth team in five years. And's he gets worse every year. He's batting .213 with a .591 OPS after 80 at-bats.

Their Danys Baez:
Todd Coffey had a 7.20 ERA. Gone. Mike MacDougal had a 7.98 ERA. Gone. Only Jamey Wrigt and his 5.01 ERA remain.

What I'm Listening To:
Mandolin Rain by Bruce Hornsby. Why? For the same masochistic reason I'm going to watch the Phillies tonight.

What I'm Drinking:
Fegley Brewworks' Always Sunny Pale Ale. I totally bought this beer because of the packaging. I saw "always sunny" on the label and thought "mmmmm, cold beer for warm weather." While this is a really, really good beer, it's very hoppy. And since I do not like my summer beers to be overly hopped, I think I'll have one tonight with dinner and then put the rest in the garage until the weather cools. It will be perfect for a NLDS that I'm sure the Phillies will be playing in.

Magic Number Watch:
The Phillies magic number is too busy trying to figure out what percentage of horrible NBA refereeing is due to "fixing games" and what percentage is due to just complete, flat-out incompetence.

"The Phillies just seem bad." No, they are bad. Phils lose another series...


GM-Carson said...

Dodgers offense isn't good without Kemp, so splitting the series 2-2 seems likely.

Lee needs to finally pick up an f'n win.

Always Sunny is a good beer. I prefer my beers to be hoppy no matter the weather.

Ben said...

The Phillies used their pathetic 40th 1st draft pick to take a RHP. And what does our system not need? Pitching. I think RAJ's face needs a good fist in it. I'd be happy to voulenteer.

GM-Carson said...

And the next pick was a RHP too.


Also, Papelbon is save situations = awesome. In nonsave situations = bad.

Anthony said...

Pretty sure they drafted Guellar as an OF, not a pitcher. Like a Jiwan James type who's more advanced as a hitter.