Thursday, June 14, 2012

Better Man- Phils Pitching Staff Remix

Hey, have you noticed the the Phillies pitching staff has turned into complete crap?  Well, I have.  Caused me to think back on the Pearl Jam parody of "Better Man" I did before the 2008 season.  Below is an updated version.

Better Man- Phils Pitching Staff Remix
Waiting, watching the game,
It’s the 4th inning, it’s got to stop,
Tell him, take no more, Manuel practices his speech
As he approaches the mound, he thinks it over.
Pretends to take the ball as he looks him over.
Manuel lies and says he’s alright with him,
Can’t find a better man.
Phans dream in color, Phans dreams in red,
Upset we can’t find a better man.
Can’t find a better man.

Talking to himself, there’s no one else who can pitch now,
He tells himself, oh...
Memories back when the rotation was bold and strong,
And waiting for the league to come along.
Swears he knew it was so, but now he swears it gone.
He lies and says he’s okay with him,
Can’t find a better man.
Phans curse in color, Phans are seeing red,
Pissed Amaro can’t find a better man.
Can’t find a better man!

We boo him, yeah...but he don’t want to leave this way.
We need him, yeah...that’s why he’ll be back again.
Can’t find a better man.
Kendrick ain’t a better man,
Can we get rid of Joe Blanton?
Schwimer n Qualls aren't better men,
Can’t find a better man,
Halladay is injured and,
We need a crafty veteran,
Or pen full of Papelbon-ans,
BJ Rosenberg ain’t the answer man,
Where is a better man?!


Ben said...

Having actually grown enough balls to look at the standings for the first time in a few weeks, we may be 9.5 behind, but everyone else in the division is slumping too, bar Washington. I can't believe we still have a wildcard chance- we so totally don't deserve it.

SirAlden said...

Not to be misses.

M&M Magic - Freddy Galvis sucks.

Martinez flipped the ball from his glove to Jimmy Rollins for the force at second. I can't do it justice writing about it, but it might be the most impressive defensive play by a Phillie this season.

[watch video of Martinez's flashy play here]

GM-Carson said...

Martinez- defensive whiz and complete suckass with the bat.

Corey said...

i've been playing 'better man' on the gitter recently. great song.

Ben said...

At this moment, Galvis=Martinez. However, Galvis is young enough that he still might get better at hitting and become a usuable major league player (if he can hit .270 with power and play gold glove defense, he's better than Poly), whereas Martinez will always suck.

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