Saturday, June 02, 2012

All Sorts of Injury Updates

Jim Thome and Michael Martinez began their rehab assignments in Clearwater yesterday.  Jimbo went 1-3 and Mini-Mart 1-4.

Question- Do we want either of these players back?  Martinez has options, so I would hope the Phils would send him to AAA.  Thome poses a threat pinch hitting and at DH during interleague games, but the players he'd be replacing on the roster have produced very well:  Hector Luna- .375/.983 with 9 RBI in 9 games, Pete Orr- .293/.749 in 22 games, and Mike Fontenot- .429/.976 in 11 games.  All three of them have versatility on the field, where Thome has shown his decrepit body can barely stand without injuring itself.  And yes, I know Erik Kratz is currently on the 25-man roster, but he will be sent to Lehigh Valley upon Worley's activation from the DL on Monday.

Just when the 7th and 8th inning was beginning to lineup for the Phils, along comes a troublesome elbow.  Antonio Bastardo and Jose Contreras were bridging the gap to Papelbon, but Contreras is now DL bound, meaning Chad Qualls is back in the late inning picture.  Ugh!  Contreras appeared to be in a lot of pain last night after the pitch, so serious damage may have been done.  Also, consider he is a reported 40 years old (more likely about 48), so this could mean the end for him.  Just a hunch- I foresee Dave Bush being called up as a longman.

Also, Shane Victorino got a cortisone shot in his hand that has been bothering him when he bats left-handed.  He's day-to-day.  

Still Hurt:
Reports have Chase Utley and Ryan Howard not being ready until July at the earliest.  Remember all that bullshit about Utley just taking it slow in Spring Training and he'd be fine to ramp up activities and be ready for the season?  Remember how Howard was ahead of schedule at one point and there was talk of him being ready shortly after Opening Day?  Gotta love being lied to.

Laynce Nix still is aching and there is no timetable for his return.  Last heard word on David Herndon- received a platelet rich plasma injection in his right elbow Tuesday, the Phillies' official website reports. (Tue May 22) and Michael Stutes- Ruben Amaro Jr. said Stutes (shoulder) will be shut down for another 10 days to two weeks, the Phillies' official website reports. (Tue May 22).


Andrew said...

there is something completely not being said about Utley's injuries. Lies. At this point I'm wondering if he even still has legs...

GM-Carson said...

Schwimer up to replace Contreras.

Hamels with a dud today. Our starting rotation has turned to poop.

Ben said...

We are paying more than the GPD of Tuvalu to Howard and Utley this season for jack shit. I think the U.S. Communist Party could legit campaign on distributing salaries baseball salaries to the poor and win votes.

GM-Carson said...

Pinch hitting Brian Schneider seems like a stupid idea to me. And it was.

Rando said...

Can't help but think that it's time Utley hung them up. His off season is now nearling 9 months.