Saturday, May 05, 2012

What a Difference a Year Makes

2012 through 28 games: 13-15, 5.5 games back

2011 through 28 games: 19-9, 1 game up

I miss the good old days!!!


GM-Carson said...

What was the purpose of that half-assed pickoff throw to 1st base? Bryce Harper is just dying to do something special, and he did...he stole home.

The Phillies are pathetic.

C.M.R. said...

tank the season, get the first overall pick, redo the farm system. it's their only hope!

GM-Carson said...

tanking the season is not the direction they should go. they need to just spend more. amaro has to get a bullpen piece or 2 and the offense might need a bat. maybe david wright is available in a couple months.

too much money wrapped up in players into the future to start overhauling. they're not far off from being a good team again. lee comes back healthy. halladay comes back with a clear mind. get a bat and a setup man and this team is high quality again. of course, it would be nice if j-roll would start earning his money.

Ben said...

My advice to Amaro would be no more trading anything on the farm. If we look for outside help, it's got to be Blanton, Kendrick, or the like going. If there's no intent to pay Hamels what he deserves, then trade him for infield prospects. If there is intention to pay Hamels, sign him and sign him this second.

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