Wednesday, May 16, 2012

South Paw Bullpen & Triple-A Outfielder Swap

South Paw Bullpen:
The Phillies might not lead the Major Leagues in any meaningful stat like wins, runs scored, or even stolen bases, but they do currently employ the most lefties in the bullpen.  Earlier today Vance Worley was euthanized DL'd and Joe Savery was recalled.  He joins Antonio Bastardo, Raul Valdes, and Jake Diekman, making for 4 south paws in the bullpen.  I'm not sure if Amaro is playing a practical joke on Manuel, seeing if he'll go all LaRussa and switch pitchers between each batter about 5-6 times a game, but look for this not to be an effective plan.

Triple-A Outfielder Swap:
The Phillies sent longtime Lehigh Valley Iron Pigs outfielder Rich Thompson to the Tampa Bay Rays for a Triple-A outfielder from their system named Kyle Hudson.  Thompson is 33 years old and is nothing more than organizational filler at this point in his career.  He's been with the LVP since 2008, and is the leader in most of the offensive categories for the franchise.  In 13 minor league seasons he's hit .280/.727 with 836 R, and 442 SB.  He did appear in 6 games with the Royals back in 2004, his only MLB experience. 

Hudson is 25 years old and appeared in 14 games last season with the Orioles batting only .143/.286.  In 5 minor league seasons he's hit .277/.678 with ZERO homeruns in 1744 plate appearances.  So, it's safe to say he won't be called upon to help solve the Phillies power shortage.  His only asset is his speed.  Essentially the Phils and Rays swapped the same player, one the older version the other the younger.


GM-Carson said...

Galvis with 16 RBI now. Doesn't get many hits, but makes 'em count when he does.

Ben said...

Could you imagine how much worse this season would be without Carlos Ruiz? Man does WORK.

GM-Carson said...

Ruiz is a MVP candidate so far.

Matt Kemp
David Wright
Bryan LaHair
Carlos Beltran
Carlos Ruiz
Ryan Braun
Adam LaRoche
Joey Votto
Omar Infante
Jay Bruce
Andre Ethier

Some of them will be weeded out, due to their clubs not contending.

Jeremy said...

Perhaps it's because we are facing the dregs of the NL but are the Phils bats heating up? Either way I don't care, a 5 game win streak is a 5 game win streak.

Chooch is our only AS candidate currently and one of the best backstops in the game. He will never the recognition from the national media needed to be the MVP.

According to MLB Gameday that was Luna's first AB of the year, nice way to get started.

Maybe it's just me but I miss Matt Stairs.