Friday, May 04, 2012

Series Preview - Gnats

Phillies (13-13) at Washington Nationals (16-9)

Pitching Matchups:
Friday, 7:05 - Kyle Kendrick v. Steve Strasburg
Saturday, 1:05 - Vanimal v. Gnat Gio
Sunday, 8:00 - Cole Hamels v. Jordan Zimmermann

Non-Canadians Batting:
Runs -  82 (26th)
Avg - .225 (28th)
Slug - .329 (30th)

This should be a pretty low scoring series. Washington's offense has been brutal. Adam LaRoche has turned back time and is leading the team in average, homers, RBIs and OPS. Jayson Werth has been 'okay,' hitting .276 with a pair of homers. [See what a hundred million gets you these days?!] Ditto for Wilson Ramos, except the $100 million part. Everybody else has been pretty bad. Ryan Zimmerman is hitting .224. Danny Espinosa wins the 'TFG' award for this series (see below). Ankiel, Bernadina, Nady, Flores, Tracy, etc. You name 'em, they ain't hitting.

Non-Canadians Pitching:
ERA - 2.41 (1st)
WHIP - 1.00 (2nd)
BAA - .212 (1st)

Strasburg and his stellar 1.13 ERA are on a strict pitch/innings limit. So, the only chance for the Phils in this game is take a bunch of pitches, get Stasburg out after 5 inning sand then hope to get over on their bullpen.

As for Gio Gonzalez, I feel it necessary to remind everyone that Gonzalez and Gavin Floyd were sent to Chicago for Freddy Garcia. Absolutely brutal. Garcia went 1-5 with a 5.90 ERA for the Phillies while Gnat Gio is a straight up stud. Makes me sick in the stomach just thinking about it...

Jordan Zimmermann is the fourth Nationals starter (Starsburg, Gonzalez and Detwiler) with an ERA under 2. 

Their Freddy Galvis:
Danny Espinosa -.182 average after 88 at-bats. Remember when Jayson Werth said he was "looking forward" to playing with Espinosa. Lol.

Honorable Mentions - Mark Derosa is currently on the DL with a bum shoulder, which may partially explain how he's started the season 3-37 (.081). Xavier Nady is not injured (as far as we know) but his hitting is almost as putrid (7-57, .123).

Their Danys Baez:
Tom Gorzelanny -11 innings, 15 hits and 8 ER.

Honorable Mention - Brad Lidge. C'mon, did they really think Lidge could close games? He's currently on the DL with a hernia and an ERA over 5.

Their Adam Eaton:
Look at those pitching stats. They don't have an "Adam Eaton."

What I'm Drinking:
Dos Equis Amber - I often drink beer, and when I do on Cinco de Mayo, I prefer Dos Equis. Because I'm the most interesting blogger in the world. Keep reading, my friends.

What I'm Listening To:
Ramones - Everything recorded before "End of the Century." I just read a review of Johnny Ramone's autobiography "Commando" and now I'm on a Ramones kick. I haven't read the book yet but if it's half as good as this one quote from the review, it should be a classic.

People have asked me, “What makes a punk?” About five years after we’d retired, I was driving in Los Angeles, and somebody called out to me, “Hey, you’re driving a Cadillac. How’s that? How are you a punk if you’re driving a Cadillac?” I said, “What the f**k are you talking about? I wrote the book on punk. I decide what’s punk. If I’m driving a Cadillac, it’s punk.”


Magic Number Watch:
The Phillies magic number was last seen playing softball on the mall in DC...

I hate to be a downer, but I really don't see the Phils doing much offensively against Strasburg or Gnat Gio. And with Kendrick pitching the first game, it really doesn't matter how much the Phils hit. Hopefully, Hamels can salvage a win in this series on Sunday night.

Oh, and by the way, BRYCE HARPER !!!!!!!!


GM-Carson said...

1- love that you called im "Steve" Strasburg

2- nicely done on the world's most interesting blogger.

3- I'm predicting 2 out of 3 for the Phils.

Ben said...

Tonight is a loss, Sunday is a win, Saturday could go wither way. Gio is a good pitcher whom I'm sad we let go, but had we done so we'd never have discovered a certain promising young pitcher whom will be his opponent this Saturday.

SirAlden said...

Thank Polanco as I predicted.

Wiggy and Nix giving a bit of OPS.

Best Lineup with them in the 5-6 holes.

Go Blanton! It's your Birthday!