Thursday, May 17, 2012

Record Setting Howard Pace

The 2012 MLB season is nearing the quarter mark with teams about to play their 40th game within the next few days.  There have been 39 Howards committed so far this year.  That's an average of 1 per game, which computes to a pace for 162 Howards.  This would shatter the previous season record of 112 Howards back in 2010.  Keep on hacking, whacking, whiffing, and biffing!

Other Stuff:
*Freddy Galvis may not get many hits, but when he does they seem to knock in runs.

*Hector Luna, with 1 at bat, has managed to outproduce Jim Thome this season.

*Polanco left yesterday's game because of a bruised knee.  He's been fouling pitches off his left knee and it needs some time off.  Look for Luna at 3rd tonight in Chicago.

*Rich Thompson, who the Phils traded to the Rays yesterday, has been promoted to Tampa Bay's 25-man roster.  Good for him.

*Citi Field hosts the 2013 All Star Game.  Yuck!

*No structural damage was found in The Vanimal's elbow (ultrasound and MRI were conducted).   It is merely inflammation, which is still worrisome, but not TJS worrisome.


GM-Carson said...

Halladay is still very good, but just doesn't seem as dominant as the past 2 years.

Ben said...

Oh well. He's still a stud, but he's clearly been surpassed by Verlander for the title of Best Pitcher in Baseball.

Anonymous said...

about Chooch- He'd hit into a ton of double plays, his on base % would go down because pitchers wouldn't be pitching around him to get to the pitcher's spot in the lineup anymore

Anonymous said...

said GM-Carson only a year ago

GM-Carson said...

Yep, that's what I said. I was wrong, but lets see how this pans out over a longer period of time.

Be thankful for what we're getting from Chooch now.

GM-Carson said...

Holy shit this bullpen sucks. It's going to be the death of this team.

GM-Carson said...

I hate Interleague play. Next year it will be season long. Oh, yippie.