Saturday, May 12, 2012

Phils Avoid Sweep, Trade Pods, Polly Not Dead & Roster Moves

No Sweep for Padres:
Ladies and gentlemen, stand up and applaud your Philadelphia Phillies for winning the first game of a series, thus avoiding a sweep.  Congratulations, you're not as bad as the Padres for one day!

Good Bye Podfather:
Scott Podsednik has been "traded" to the Boston Red Sox.  I use the term trade lightly, considering the return for Pods is money, not even the all-too-famous PTBNL (Player To Be Named Later).   Podsednik had spent parts of the 2011 and 2012 season with the Iron Pigs, never really doing anything worthy of a call-up.

Polly Deserves a Cracker:
A few weeks ago I suggested Placido Polanco might want to contemplate retiring.  Honestly, I said that in jest, but I did wholeheartedly believe he should be removed from the regular gig at 3rd base.  Well, he's back to his hitting ways.  Guess he's not dead yet.  He's now batting .283, albeit with a weak .659 OPS, but we'll take what we can get.

Maybe I should start in on J-Roll's appalling .229/.544 showcasing of diminished talent.

Flurry of Roster Moves:
Off Active Roster- Laynce Nix to DL, Michael Martinez transferred to the 60-day DL, Michael Schwimer, Brian Sanches, Erik Kratz, and Joe Savery optioned to minors.

On Active Roster- Cliff activated from DL, Jacob Diekman, Raul Valdes, Mike Fontenot, and Hector Luna called up from minors.

It would be nice of the training staff to invent an injury for Jose Contreras while they're at it...elbow tendonitis perhaps.  That way the bullpen wouldn't be subjected to his complete ineffectiveness.


Old Marine said...

Most discouraged by what they did to PODS. After he clearly was the Offensive MVP in Clearwater, they chose Pierre, Nix, and Wiggington over him. He was leading the team in BA, SB, and was the only player to have a pinch hit walk off HR. Very shortly after that, they told him that he was Iron Pig-bound again!! Humanly speaking it was devastating and embarrassing. His #'s understandably dropped and stayed down.b/c of that. And they when Thome went to the DL, they should have had enuf insight into what they did and given him a shot with the team regardless... but they didn't. Reminds me of the poor coaching, leadership, and decisions made by the Eagles in how they handled TO. So foolish and unnecessary... I pray that the Sox give him a better chance and that he makes JR look foolish again like Lee did when he came out and said he was interested in staying in Philly all along!

Ben said...

Freddy Galvis's OPS- .585
Jimmy Rollins' OPS- .544

What. The. Hell. Jimmy.

GM-Carson said...

Old Marine- have to disagree with you on the Podsednik thing. He wasn't good in the minors last year and was horrible there this season. He had a good spring training, but so what. Pierre, Nix, and Wigginton are some of the only bright spots on the roster this season, so they definitely belong in Philly.

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