Monday, May 14, 2012

Astros Series Preview

Phillies (16-19) v. Houston Astros (15-19)

Pitching Matchups:
Monday, 7:00 - Joe Blanton v. Lucas Harrell
Tuesday, 1:05 - Cliff Lee v. TBD

Space Cadets Batting:
Runs - 143 (13th)
Avg - .249 (14th)
Slug - .365 (26th)

Space Cadets Pitching:
ERA - 3.65 (13th)
WHIP - 1.26 (12th)
BAA - .244 (14th)

Lucas Harrell will be making his first appearance against the Phils. So far this season he's 2-2 with a 4.68 ERA. The Astros are 2-5 in games he's started in 2012. The game 2 starter is still unknown.

Their Danny Sandoval:
JD Martinez - Martinez started the season like a house on fire. Now, he's flamed out. He's 1-26 in May and batting .221 overall.

Their Danys Baez:
No Astros reliever that pitches consistently has put up terrible numbers, so I'll give this award to former Phillie JA Happ who has a 5.72 ERA in seven starts.

Magic Number Watch:
The Phillies magic number had to get ten stitches after breaking a bat against the clubhouse wall. No word on its return...

Why not be optimistic? I'm saying Blanton continues his recent run of form, Lee out-duels the unknown pitcher and the Phils sweep the short series.


Bob D said...

Lucas Harrell? Who is that...Oh wait I'm sure the hitters will make him look like the next Cy Young but Stros will lose 1-0 in 11 innings

SirAlden said...

I think that it is important that everyone realizes just how important
Ryan Howard was to our winning over the last 5-6 years.

Clear evidence.

GM-Carson said...

Yes, Ryan Howard was and still is important. Not 5 year $125M important though.

Anthony said...

The magic number kicked a chair in frustration and broke its big toe. On the DL indefinitely.

Corey said...


Corey said...

i think that is is important that everyone realizes just how important john bowker and dane sardinha was to our winning last season.

GM-Carson said...

Bowker is sorely missed. This team could use a good 0h-fer.

JRush said...

The asians sum it up best.

GM-Carson said...

Old pal JC Romero was released by the Cards today.

Bob D said...

4 scoreless innings, well on our way to that 1-0 victory. 1 hit, halfway to 2 hits for the night. Lucas Harrell for cy young!

Bob D said...

Can we get rid of the magic number watch, since its just heart breaking until they right the ship

SirAlden said...

GM-CARSON tell me what Ryan Earned through last year's 102 Win Season
then tell me if it was worth it for the
last 6 years.

125m is later. Please make a full post for us about Ryan through last Sept and cost.

GM-Carson said...

SirAlden- Howard was paid accordingly for his time, just like every player is through the beginning of their careers.

Howard is not a $25M a year player. Not many players are. Signing him at his age and downward trending stats made no sense. He's not going to get better in his mid 30's. So why spend such a large chunk of change on him? He got paid because of past performance, not for what he's likely to produce during the span on the extension. Baseball is sad that way.

Ben said...

Baseball is an forever will be that way with the union structure as it is. Players are payed for what they did earlier, often for a different team, and not what they are expected to do. This is especially a problem because so many players go to college now, so give them three years in the minors, seven years till free agency,and they'll already be 31 and 32 by the time they hit free agency, and teams can only buy the decline phase.

GM-Carson said...

This is why spending big in free agency eventually leads clubs to ruin. Need to develop a good deal of your lineup from within. Then sign them to smart extensions.

GM-Carson said...

Congrats to Polly on career hit #2000, a homerun.