Sunday, May 27, 2012

Oh Great, it's KK, the Starter

KK the starting pitcher is a completely different animal than KK the reliever.  My partner in crime blogging, Corey, dreads every 5th day when Kyle Kendrick takes the mound, but maybe he should reconsider.  In 6 starts this season, KK has a 3.25 ERA and 1.22 WHIP.  Since rejoining the rotation following Vance Worley's bone-chipped elbow, he has made 3 starts with a 1.22 ERA and 0.77 WHIP.  Um, that's better than Halladay (not that I think he actually is better than Doc for real).  However, my guess is Kendrick continues to be referred to as "Oh great, it's KK" in the series previews because that's how we roll up in here.  Seriously though, big ups to Kyle for crafting his first career complete game shutout.

Other Stuff:
*Will the Phillies be able to finish off the 4 game sweep of the Red Birds today, finally tip-toeing their way to 3 games over .500?

*J-Roll is batting .225 with a putrid .561 OPS.  When Utley returns (Hahaha, get it?  That was a joke!), maybe Freddy Galvis, the MLB RBI leader for rookies, can scoot over to SS and relieve Rollins of his duties.  

*Count me in as a member of the Raul Valdes fan club.  Reasons- 1) He fills the team's Raul quota.  2) He confuses people with the spelling of his last name, "s" instead of "z".  3) He hasn't allowed a run this season.  4) He's a journeyman left-handed reliever.  5) I dislike Chad Qualls.

*The once upon a time highly hyped Domonic Brown is now shagging fly balls in center field.  Why?  He sucked in RF and LF, so might as well try him straight up the middle.

*Over/Under for how long before Roy Halladay looks completely gassed (red-faced) in the St. Louis 100 degree heat is 4 innings. I take the under.


Aaron said...

KK still sucks and so do the Phillies. Doc gets blasted today and the Phils get 3 hits. Jimmy Rollins sucks and Utley will continue fielding 20 ground balls a day until he retires.

Ben said...

I fell like Chase Utley would still be a great major league player- as a DH.

Aaron said...

WTF Doc? What the hell is wrong with this guy??

Anthony said...

The stars of the next Freaky Friday remake are Kendrick and Halladay. They definitely switched bodies.

Looks to me like Halladay dropped his arm slot even lower. He's almost throwing sidearm.

Aaron said...

Here it is. As I predicted, finally Doc is going to come out and say something has been hurting him all season bit he thought he could pitch through it. When a dudes velocity is down it always means they are hurt.

Ben said...

Hey hey hey! Looks like the DL for Halladay!


GM-Carson said...

I really, really like Halladay. That said, he's shitting the bed.

C.M.R. said...

the 2012 disaster.

i guess this means we're gonna be sellers now?

Kirbyuqee said...

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