Thursday, May 10, 2012

I Need To Complain

The Phillies are killing me right now. I want to rant and rave about the bullpen, Charlie Manuel's incompetence, the bullpen, the lack of situational hitting, the bullpen, etc. But there's only so much of that you can write about or read, so today I'm going to take out my frustration on something else that's bugging me: the response to Cole Hamels hitting Bryce Harper. 

I wrote the day after it happened about how I was against hitting a guy for no reason. Others, like Cal Ripken, echoed my thoughts. But then people started saying stupid things, which is fine because we need people to say stupid things. It's entertaining. We also need people to call out the stupid things that people say as being stupid. That's where I come in because the "mainstream" "legitimate" media won't do it. Seriously, what's with these guys? Do you have to promise to be a brain-dead 'yes man' without the cajones to ask provocative questions in order to qualify for a press pass? I’m sick of guys spouting off obviously hypocritical statements and having them published all over the electronic print media without any question challenging the absurdity of their words.

For instance, in Mike Rizzo’s “fake tough” rant, he had the audacity to say the Nationals were not out to hurt anybody, inferring that his pitcher wouldn’t hit someone on purpose because of the associated injury risks. He, and apparently everybody in the “legitimate media,” was happy to ignore the blatantly obvious bean ball aimed at Hamels a few innings later. No one thought about asking Rizzo about this flaming pile of hypocrisy? No, easier just to let the dog bark than risk getting bitten.

Then, Jim Leyland was able to escape his cloud of cigarette smoke and force a few breaths of ignorance out to the media. He thinks Hamels should be suspended at least 15 games in a way to “clean up” the game. 15 games, eh? Clean up the game, eh? Okay, but then the media asked him why he thinks that a player should get suspended for 10% of the season for doing what’s been done (and accepted…) thousands of times before but his player (Delmon Young) only got a seven day suspension for being charged with “aggravated harassment hate crime.” Oh, wait, no they didn’t! Perhaps they were afraid of second hand chronic bronchitis from the sputum that would be thrust their way in response. They also refrained from asking Leyland if he ever promoted longer suspensions for any of his pitchers that were suspended for hitting batters. The obvious answer would be “no” with a likely explanation about Hamels being “braggadocios” and “doing it on purpose.” This would allow a media member to point out that most, if not all, pitcher suspension are for hitting a batter “on purpose” and why admitting to one’s actions rather than denying the obvious is worthy of an increased suspension. Of course, nobody thought of doing this because again, why make waves when you’re riding the boat?

And where is the article pointing out the blatant hypocrisy of the league suspending and fining Hamels for hitting Harper but letting Zimmerman escaped both after hitting Hamels? MLB suspends pitchers all the time for intentionally hitting batters without them admitting they did it. So does the league honestly think Zimmerman's plunking of Hamels was accidental? No, of course not. They know he did it on purpose. The truth is, Hamels was not suspended for hitting Harper. He wasn't suspended for admitting hitting Harper on purpose. No, he was suspended because his actions resulted in negative publicity for the league. Zimmerman's plunking of Hamels is almost universally accepted. Why? Because is was retaliatory and within the "unwritten rules" of baseball. An objective observer would come the conclusion that both acts were essentially the same but the league is far from objective. They are self serving. Therefore, the message sent from the league on this issue is obvious: Major League Baseball does not care about purposely hitting batters with pitchers. In fact, they are happy to ignore and passively condone bean balls as long as it does not result in any negative publicity. So pitchers, go free and bean, just don't start a brawl or be honest about your intentions.

Now, why couldn't somebody getting paid to write about baseball mention any of this? And where can I get my press pass?


dawgbones said...

you say "bullpen" as if we currently possess such an entity!!
Last night was downright laughable if it hadn't been so pitiful!! I'm sure Lee was ever so happy to come back for THAT outcome?!?!

GM-Carson said...

I don't even want to talk Phillies right now, they're that depressing/sickening.

Mary Pat said...

Bravo! I couldn't agree more! Who knew "MLB" stood for "Must Be Lying"? Not to mention, the hit to Hamels was in a MUCH worse place than the one to Harper...

Corey said...

i just cruised the phillies blogosphere. boy, are things getting negative. as expected. but it made me question one thing: will the idiots who called the writers of this blog "bandwagoners" because we pointed out the (seemingly, to us) obvious team flaws start eating some crow? and will they start calling us prophetic geniuses, like we deserve?

carson, your thoughts?

Ben said...

I think people are just not able to process how bad things have gotten so quickly. If the Mets can keep their shit together, I think it is depressingly possible that we could finish last in the division with a winning record!

GM-Carson said...

The Braves are a very good team. Great bullpen, an offense that scores runs, and a rotation that might get better if Jurrjens can get his shit together in the minors.

The Nationals have great pitching and when Morse returns, he'll boost the lineup. Don't be surprised to see them busy come trade deadline either. They sense they can win now and will get a piece to help the process.

The Mets aren't good, but they're not nearly as bad as people thought.

The Marlins have yet to play their best baseball.

The Phillies suck.

All the idiots that said we knew nothing about baseball and were just being negative bandwagon jumpers are either gone, in denial, or are in complete agreement with our line of thinking and act like they have been from the start. I know that We Should Be GMs knows our baseball. Of course we've been wrong a few times, but the truth is that we're mostly right and being right hurts people's feelings.

Screw their feelings.

GM-Carson said...

Amaro has come out and said if the Phils don't start playing better they will be sellers at the trade deadline.

He said how they play now determines what they do later.

Somebody should tell him that how he spent back then determines what little he has to spend later.

GM-Carson said...

Shit is getting worse. Nix, Ruiz, Wiggy, and Qualls are all hurting.

Savery and Schwimer sent down. Diekman, Valdes, and Luna likely being recalled. Kratz might be optioned down too.

This is not the team it should be. Screw you Ruben Amaro Jr.

I should be a GM!!!

Andrew said...

Yeah, agree on all your points C and C... but maybe this mini-shakeup and verbal threats (from Amaro and Charlie's "talk") has some kind of effect. Doubt it... but I still hope.

Anthony said...

Good things about this season:

1. Good draft picks
2. The "Sellers" might grab some prospects, giving us at least some hope for the future.
3. We'll be able to reasonably get tickets again.

Really grasping at straws here.

Robert said...

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