Sunday, May 13, 2012

The First 34

Don't fool yourself into thinking this is a good team, because they're not.  Go ahead and try to make excuses, it doesn't matter.  Through the first 34 games of the season the Phillies have been terrible.  Below you will find the record of each Phils club Charlie Manuel has managed at this same point in the season.  Keep in mind, the only reason they made the playoffs in '07 was because of a colossal fail by the Mets. Contrary to fans and some player's beliefs, wins in April and May matter just as much as those in August and September...they all add up the same.

2012: 15-19, 6.5 back

2011: 23-11, 3 up

2010: 21-13, 1.5 up

2009: 18-16, 1.5 back

2008: 19-15, tied for 1st

2007: 15-19, 6.5 back

2006: 19-15, 3 back

2005: 15-19, 6.5 back