Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Can They Do It?


GM-Carson said...

Roy Halladay out 6-8 weeks with strained left lat.


Season just got ever more crappy.

GM-Carson said...

Oh, it gets better. Chooch has bad hammy. Might need to be DL'd.

Season in the shitter.

Bob D said...


Ben said...

Cool. They just saved me $40 becuase I won't be going to any games this season.

Ben said...

Does anybody else find it cruel that ultimately, after all our off season panicing, the offense turned out to be ok (not great, but league average), and it's going to be our pitching keeping us from a playoff season?

GM-Carson said...

Blanton had a nice stretch of quality starts, but he's back to being bad.

Who knows what the Phils will get out of Worley. Still unsure when he returns and if he can pitch through the pain.

This seasons is probably a lost cause.

Hamels traded in July?

If so, I bet Amaro gets a real shitty package. How are those "prospects" from the Cliff Lee to Mariners trade doing?

GM-Carson said...

Jimmy Rollins is 2 months into the season and hasn't done anything worth a damn. Too bad the SS market was so bare this offseason, because now we're stuck with his deteriorated ass.

Aaron said...

Fuck Vicotorino
Fuck Blanton
and Fuck Rollins

Wiffarino striking out on a ball over his head with a man on 3rd and one out is unacceptable.

Blanton is worthless. Charlie is worthless for continuing to try to get "innings" out of him.

Halladay and the coaching staff are idiots for letting him pitch when his injury could have been takin care of in spring training and his velocity was down and we all already knew he was hurt. Dubee needs to lose his job now!

We arent losing because howard and Utley are gone. We are losing because Pence, Vicotorino and Rollins have played like shit the whole year.

GM-Carson said...

Rollins has been absolutely horrible.

Victorino and Pence have no plate discipline, which makes them easy to handle back-to-back in the lineup.

The Phillies are the worst team in the Majors with a runner on 3rd with less than 2 outs.

Fundamentals...don't they fall under the fault/blame of the coaching staff?