Monday, April 30, 2012

Why Do People Like Freddy Galvis?

The crowd cheers "Freddy!  Freddy! Freddy!".  Blogs chart the awesomeness of his defense and improvement at the plate since his 0-12 start.   Me, I roll my eyes and wonder what the hell the big deal is.

Batting Average - .194
On Base % - .229
Slugging % - .299
OPS - .527

No amount of defensive wizardry can make up for that. That's not good. That's not okay. That's not mediocre. That's not slightly below average. That's not bad. That's really f'n bad. We here at WSBGMs are fond of Todd Zolecki and appreciate the love he's shown us over the years, but his excuses and defense of Freddy Galvis are inexcusable. Maybe he's walking the company line, much like organization brown-noser Chris Wheeler, or maybe he just truly believes Galvis can hit. I, on the other hand, look at his poor minor league offensive numbers and watch him at the plate against MLB pitchers that make him look weak and silly and am pretty damn confident when I make a proclamation like this- Freddy Galvis is not a MLB capable batter and will never be. I don't have a crystal ball. I don't have a Delorean to visit the future. Sure, he might develop into an acceptable utility infielder, because his glove is that good, but his bat will never be.

I'm not trying to throw Zolecki under the bus.  He's a good guy and has the balls to defend Galvis, just as I have the cajones to slander him (Galvis, not Zolecki).  For the record, he's not the only blogger drinking the Galvis Kool-Aid. 

I am also not trying to pin all the offensive woes on Galvis.  Watch the games and you know that's a collective epidemic effort.

Some of Zolecki's gems over the past week:
*Freddy Galvis has no reason to hang his head. He has played brilliant defense, and is hitting .214 with four doubles, one home run and five RBIs through 17 games. Those five extra-base hits are tied with Carlos Ruiz for the team lead. Not bad for a guy that had just 121 at-bats above Double-A Reading before this season. It’s the rest of the offense that has played terribly. From- April 24.

*That is a small sample size, much like Freddy Galvis‘ 0-for-12 start was a small sample size (although there were folks who absolutely knew Galvis could not play in the big leagues based on those 12 at-bats.)  From- April 27.

*Freddy Galvis has hit eighth 14 times. He started his career 0-for-12, but is 13-for-51 (.255) since. Remove the first three games of the season and Galvis has a .650 OPS. That would rank fifth on this list.  From- April 28.


Anthony said...

Freddy Galvis - Everyone is rooting for him because there isn't much else to root for besides pitchers throwing a shut out, and some crazy doctor in Arizona.

The whole offense is horrible, and no one wants to bring up Dom, so Galvis is the only one on the team with at least SOME upside.

Anthony said...

I'm also reminded of a certain at-bat involving Brett Myers and CC Sabathia. They weren't cheering Myers because he had a high batting average.

Corey said...

i don't understand the zolecki anger. everything he said in those three quotes is 100% correct. i haven't read anything by him that's predicted galvis would hit 260 or anything like that. one could infer from those quotes that zolcki thinks galvis can hit. that would be wrong. all he is doing is pointing out that galvis hasn't been that bad since the first series and the remainder of the offense is more to blame for the problems, not the 8-hole hitter who doing what everyone expected him to do.

most reasonable people agree that freddy galvis can't hit. unfortunately, most still don't care because of his defense. and some still think he'll hit this season. i'd rather see people called out who are out there on their blog or on tv talking about his many useful tools, which may include a bat. like chris wheeler.

also, if you want to read something vomit-inducing about galvis, check out matt gelb's article "galvis off to a good start for phillies." now that is some bullshit. .194 averager and that's considered "good." what the damn starndards around here?

Sandoval said...

good point about brett myers. totally the same thing. so, here's hoping our infielders can hit as good as our pitchers.

Ben said...

I was so exited that I was going to be able to make fun of my Mets fan roommate this year.

Fuck this offense.

GM-Carson said...

Maybe I am reading too much into Zolecki's comments. I should probaby just take them at face value.

I am not angry with him though. Just don't understand his need to point out how "good" Galvis is doing.

Corey- that Matt Gelb piece is sickening. WTF?!

Reverend Paul Revere said...

He's like Rey Ordonez at a less important position defensively, so yeah, nothing to get excited about

SirAlden said...

Fred-G is no Michael Martinez.

Can't wait for M&M to return and help the lineup.

Aaron said...

Galvis is is a really good utility infielder. That's it. He will never be a good hitter. I completely agree with Carson.
And I just don't think Dom Brown is ever gonna be anything special. He's an athlete not a baseball player.

Ben said...

Galvis may become a passable hitter someday, but it's not going to be this year. And by passable, I mean good enough to bounce around baseball on small money contracts playing off the bench.

Sandoval said...

mike fontenot gives me a boner, too.

Beer-a-Thon said...

I knew I'd catch flak for this on Facebook and I am. People telling me "Schmidtty started his career slow too" and that nobody expected him to hit anyway.

GM-Carson said...

Yeah Polly.

Boo Qualls.

Worley continues to look damn good.

Papelbon is good. Very good.