Sunday, April 15, 2012

Sunday Stuff

[Editor's note: If you don't want to read about how bad the offense is, just skip to the bottom for a chance to win some gambling money.]

I'm shocked that the Phillies offensive struggles are a surprise to so many people. To the annoyance of many, Carson and I have been pounding the keyboard since last November about how poorly this year's squad would do offensively. And that was before Chase Utley revealed that he no longer has knees.

The fact is, unless you're the Angels or Rangers and you have potential All-Stars at six or seven positions, you can't remove your two best hitters and expect to score many runs.

The other fact is, the offense is generally performing at expectations. Pence, Victorino, Rollins and Cooch are all hitting .290 or above. Juan Pierre is doing what we thought. Freddy Galvis is actually exceeding expectations by hitting .222 with one home run. Placido Polanco is washed up so he's doing exactly what I thought he would do. John Mayberry is producing a little less than expected and the "fill in" guys (Wiggy, Thome, Nix) are doing nothing. But if you're counting on a "could've been" left fielder, a 40 year old designated hitter and journeymen utility player to give you a successful offense, I have a bridge for you to buy. Pence will probably start slugging better, but after that, like I said before, what do you expect?

Some quick hits:

* Shane Victorino, despite not having Davy Lopes holding his hand and leading him around the bases, is 4-4 in steals, good for 5th in the NL.

* Freddy Galvis is the team leader in home runs and RBIs.

* Matt Kemp has 5 homers. The Phillies have 5. This is a race to watch.

* In reference to Josh Thole's baserunning blunder on Friday, Chris Wheeler said Jimmy Rollins is not the type of player to be out there "jive talking people." Huh? I don't know if that is racist, outdated, irrelevant, stupid, or a combination of all four.

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GM-Carson said...

I love baseball. I love the Phillies.

I hate this offense.

GM-Carson said...

You know what, screw this. We have a proven track record of being right about almost everything Phillies. Just because we point our their flaws/negatives people want to bash us. Eff them! We tell it like it is. The players we bitch about are bad. The moves we complain about are bad. The managing we question is bad. Noticing a theme here? We know our shit! People need to recognize and respect.

GM-Carson said...

RBI - Matt Kemp 15, Andre Ethier 14 both on the Dodgers.

Runs - 20, entire Phillies team.

Corey said...

michael cuddyer has 5 doubles. the phils only have 8.

GM-Carson said...

17 pitchers have 2 wins. The Phils as a team, 3.

GM-Carson said...

I predicted the Phillies would score 2.3 runs per game in the absence of Utley/Howard. They've averaging 2.5.

We know out shit!

Ben said...

Who cares about stats? What matters is The Nationals have Seven Wins. The Phils have Three. Can they make up the difference? Sure, but not if they don't get their act together.

raboo said...

Halladay has 2 wins, giving him 67% of the Phillies wins. Carlton's 1972 record of 46% is going down.

GM-Carson said...

I'm pissed at Amaro. Blame him for blowing large amounts of money on marginal players or just overpaying.

Corey said...

2 runs already for the mets in the first.

game fucking over?


Aaron said...

Fuckin Wigginton!! Fuck the guy! No excuse for that shit at bat!!!!
And fuck Hamels for spotting the Mets in the 1st...AGAIN!!!!!!

Steve Wulf said...

Keep speaking the truth guys. Everyone else is just given to wishful thinking, which never has nor ever will produce runs.

I saw this coming last year as well...even when Howard and Utley were still healthy. To be honest, I think Amaro is sub-par at the GM roll and Charlie hasn't come into the new game of baseball and is still managing off hunches and it's all starting to show.

So keep telling the truth cause I'm listening and nodding my head in agreement.

Corey said...

'bout freaking time offense. coincidence an explosion of runs occurred after my first "offense sucks" rant of the season?

sure glad we have a high-priced closer otherwise these rare 6 run leads would be in jeopardy.

Ben said...

Gotta say, as much as we all doubted him, Juan Pierre is acctualy doing a passable job so far.

I wish I could say the same for the rest of the bench.

Aaron said...

Nice to win a game, This team is still shit. The Mets helped us out a lot today.
Juan Pierre needs to play everyday, he's not as good as he used to be but he had more hits than anyone on our team last year.
Mayberry is a 4th outfielder not a starter. Nix is useless and I hate to say it but I don't know how much Thome is gonna help us.
Send down Herndon and Savery call diekman and contreras up.

Corey said...

conteras up and savery down according to [link]

GM-Carson said...

Savery was doing okay. Why keep Herndon?

Anyway, I agree Pierre should be getting about 4 or 5 starts a week. Mayberry looks completely lost.

Still don't understand why Nix got 2 years guaranteed. Whatever.

A win!