Monday, April 16, 2012

Series Preview - San Francisco Giants

Phillies (4-5) at The San Francisco Baseball Giants (4-5)

Pitching Matchups:
Monday, 10:15 - Roy Halladay v. Big Time Timmy Jim
Tuesday, 10:15 - Joe Blanton v. Madison Bumcover
Wednesday, 10:15 - Cliff Lee v. Matt Cain

Large People Batting:
Runs - 43 (10th)
Avg - .243 (18th)
Slug - .409 (14th)

Large People Pitching:
ERA - 4.21 (21st)
WHIP - 1.29 (15th)
BAA - .243 (15th)

Their Freddy Galvis:
This season, a player named in the TFG portion of the preview has hit a home run in the subsequent series. First it was Pedro Alvarez. Austin Kearns followed for Miami. Then Ike Davis went deep yesterday.

Leadoff hitter Angel Pagan gets the 'TFG' nod this series after starting the season 6-35 (.171) with only 2 RBI and 1 steal. Of course, now he'll hit a home run.

Their Danys Baez:
Guillermo Mota has given up 4 earned runs in only 3.1 innings (10.80 ERA).

Honorable Mention to 'The Freaky Franchise' Tim Lincecum. He can't get his fastball over 89 or his ERA under 12. Ouch. Let's hope his temporary(?) freefall continues tonight.

Their JD Drew:
I can't find a real bad guy on this team. Brain Wilson's schtick gets old sometimes, but the game needs personalities so he gets a pass. Barry Zito dated Alyssa Milano so I hate him a little. But every body else pretty much 'ehh.'

What I'm Drinking:
Corey - Sugar Free Red Bull - Three 10:15 starts?!?! I have Wednesday off so there's a chance I'll catch Tuesday's game but even the Red Bull might not be enough to help me stay awake past 10:30 watching this offense.

What I'm Listening To:
Corey - Justin Townes Earle's 'Nothing's Gonna Change The Way You Feel About Me Now.' While not as good as his last album, 2010's epic masterpiece 'Harlem River Blues,' the latest from Steve Earle's kid is still solid. [ gives a full review here.] Of course, I've always preferred JTE without a backing band or typical studio production. So, give the album a listen but then head over to and listen to or download (free!) some solo concerts like this one.

Magic Number Watch:
The Phils are not in first place. :(

Win Money:
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This depends on how 'Freak' pitches tonight. If recent form holds, the teams split the first two and a game three pitchers duel will decide the series.


SirAlden said...

It is all about Polanco.

Last year he was streaking during April and May and carried the team.

Can't have Three holes in the infield every game.

Corey said...

it's not ALL about polanco, but you're right, three holes in the infield is not a recipe for success. but i'm sure utley will be back soon. or not.

GM-Carson said...

Polanco has sucked for almost a year straight now. If not for his April and May last year, he'd have been booed off the field.

GM-Carson said...

Name to keep in mind- Ryan Duke.

The 25th round pick in 2011 is currently pitching for Lakewood. In 25 games he's racked up 28 IP, 6 BB, 34 K, 10 SV, 0.64 ERA, and 0.68 WHIP. Not too shabby.

SirAlden said...

Been injured...

My point guys is 1B is what it is.

No one expects Freddy to not be a hole in the lineup.

Polanco...wan kenobi...
You are our only hope.

Corey said...

unfortunately, i think only the schwartz is with him

GM-Carson said...

Pathetic- Strasburg is starting tonight and the Nationals are in 1st place, yet the stadium doesn't even look half full.

Ben said...

I need to stop watching Halladay pitching the first inning. I love the man, but it's bad for my blood pressure.

GM-Carson said...

Something is wrong with Tim Lincecum.

Chase said...

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