Friday, April 27, 2012

Series Preview - Cubs

Phillies (9-10) at Chicago Cubs (6-13)

Pitching Matchups:
Friday, 7:05 - Roy Halladay v. Paul Maholm
Saturday, 7:05 - Joe Blanton v. Randy Wells
Sunday, 1:35 - Kyle Kendrick v. Matt Garza
Monday, 7:05 - Cole Hamels v.Jeff Samardjiza

Lil Bears Batting:
Runs - 66 (24th)
Avg - .235 (25th)
Slug - .333 (28th)

Bryan LaHair spent 5 years in AAA between Seattle and Chicago, hitting over .300 with 89 home runs in the last three seasons combined. He missed the first three games of the season injured (so I dropped him from my fantasy team...) but has 4 homers and a .364 average since returning. After LaHair, there's little power in the lineup. The Cubs have 7 home runs. Seven!

Lil Bears Pitching:
ERA - 4.37 (24th)
WHIP - 1.37 (20th)
BAA - .242 (13th)

Ryan Dempster has been great so far, but will miss the Phils this series. The rest of the staff has been completely average. This is the type of pitchers the Phils should hit, especially because the bullpen is pretty bad (see below.)

Their Phillies-like Hitter:
Ian Stewart - This is Stewart's second time being in this category. He was Colorado's "Michael Martinez" last season. This year, he's hitting only .175 with a single home run. The last two seasons combined he's hitting .162. Do you think there's a Cubs blogger somewhere asking for him to retire? There should be...

Their Danys Baez:
Almost the entire bullpen. James Russell has an ERA of 0.00 after 8 appearances. After him they have Carlos Marmol (5.40), Rodrigo Lopez (5.68), Lendy Castillo (7.94) and the currently disabled Kerry Wood (11.57).

Their JD Drew:
Jeff Samadjiza - He played football for Notre Dame That immediately makes him extremely villainous. Also, he took this creepy picture.

What I'm Drinking:
Corey - Bud Light Platinum - Anybody that knows me knows that I love cheap beer. High Life, Natty Bo, Keystone Light. Yum. My friends also know that I hate Bud Light. So I was surprised when I was given a recommendation to get it and my brother-in-law showed up with a sixer. The guy at the distributor said they can't even keep it in stock it's so popular. Well, let me tell you, I liked it better the first time when it was called Icehouse. Seriously, while it's better then the alcoholic ipecac that is Bud Light, this beer is good for one thing - getting drunk. It's 6.0% ABV and 99% bad tasting. Avoid.

What I'm Listening To:
Corey - Ryan Adams - iTune Session - A man and his guitar is a beautiful thing. I just wish he would have done more than 8 songs because this is a great example of what makes stripped-down, simple, 'unplugged' music so great. Of course, you could also watch Lil Wayne on 'MTV Unplugged' where he is accompanied by no fewer than 5 amplified instruments. Could someone explain how this is unplugged? I'm surprised a group like MTV would bastardize such a great thing...

Magic Number Watch:
The Phils are not in first place. This section is obviously completely unnecessary, but I'm going to leave it here, if only as a painful reminder of the last 5 seasons...

You'd think that the Phils could take 3 fo 4 easily, but then you remember that Kyle Kendrick is going to lose one of the games and the offense is due to go scoreless in at least one. So I guess I'll say split series.


Squire McGuire said...

Go Irish! Go Phils!

GM-Carson said...

I'd like to try Bud Light Platnium. Not because I think it will be good, just because I want to say I've tried it and hated it.

I'm thinking split too, but I'm hoping for 3 outta 4. I wouldn't be surprised if KK pitches well and Blanton gets lit up instead.

For the record, the Cubs sent Rodrigo Lopez to the minors earlier this week. Smart decision.

SirAlden said...

Keep your eye on Polly.

He did good in AZ.

GM-Carson said...

Polly sucks.

Ben said...

What's the run prediction for the series? They have bad pitching and we're at home, so I'll predict a generous 15 runs for the series.

SirAlden said...

Carson you are sad.

Go masterbate thinking about Pat the Bat.

Polly did well. We need him.

Andrew said...

Nats called up Harper = 9 days until Hamels makes him look silly

GM-Carson said...

Sir Alden- when exactly did Polanco do well? Not during this contract. Yeah, he certainly did the first time he was here about a decade ago, but not his second go around. Stats matter.

Ben said...

Poly's 2010 season and last April were fine. Since last May Poly has sucked. If he can bounce back, the signing was favorable on net. If he doesn't, we were better of with some other 3B over that timeframe. It's certainly not in the same catagory of, say, the Baez contract.

Jack said...

Keystone Lite--how can you like ANY Keystone beer..all Keystone beer is terrible...if you want a good PA cheap beer drink Yuengling

The offense maybe coming around but remember we are only holding on until Chase and Ryan come back--and based on our minor leagues it looks like we better all get used to all pitching, no hitting teams for the foreseeable future.

Aaron said...

Are we really gonna lose to the padres and Cubs with Halladay on the mound in the same week???
Fucking Really???

This team is shit.

Corey said...

i like keystone light because when i put it in my mouth, it tastes good. weird, right?

yuengling? never heard of it. is that even a real beer?

phillies are awesome!!!

Anonymous said...

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HI Corey. Nice game streaks. I'm sure they will find it hard to beat that! Keep your records up.

GM-Carson said...

I wish Charlie Manuel would punch J-Roll in the face after that shitty effort he gave last night. Pop-ups to the infield, hitting into a double play in the 8th. He's been very bad so far this season.

What happened Doc's swing and miss stuff?

SirAlden said...

Polly 2 for 4....

Thanks for rooting for him GM_ Carson.

It always seems that J-Roll presses and never succeeds in the 3 hole even though Charlie is always supportive.

Got to get J-Roll into the 1 or 6 hole.

GM-Carson said...

Polly hits 2 singles an all of a sudden he's a f'n all-star? Give me a break. Even Michael Martinez stumbled upon some hits from time to time.