Thursday, April 05, 2012

Series Preview - Buccos

Phillies (0-0) @ Pittsburgh Pirates (0-0)

Pitching Matchups:
Thursday, 1:35 - Roy Halladay v. Erik Bedard
Saturday, 7:05 - Cliff Lee v. Jeff Karstens
Sunday, 1:35 - Vance Worley v. James McDonald

Their Michael Martinez:
Pedro Alvarez - The second overall pick in 2008 is a complete train wreck. He hit .191 with a whopping .561 OPS last season and so far this spring, things don't look much better. He's already struck out 20 times and is hitting about .160. General manager Neal Huntington said two days ago that Alvarez will not be sent down to AAA to start the season. That's good new for the Phillies...

Their Danys Baez:
Last year's bullpen workhorse Daniel McCutchen was absolutely brutal this spring, giving up 14 runs in 11 innings. So he's been sent down to the minors. The rest of the bullpen doesn't seem to have another Baez

Their JD Drew:
Rod Barajas - Carson called him a "fat lazy dog." Brett Myers' arm wrote him a letter. And we all still hate Rod Barajas.

What We're Drinking:
Corey - Blackmaker Root Beer Liqueur - When you mix this 70 proof liqueur with club soda, you get... well, root beer that gives you a buzz. If you think you could just poor vodka into a Barq's, you're wrong. It's not the same. This drink is delicious and refreshing and just perfect for sitting on your deck listening to the Phils on the radio on a warm Sunday afternoon.

Carson - Yard's Beers of the Revolution. General Washington's Tavern Porter, Thomas Jefferson's Tavern Ale, and Poor Richard's Tavern Spruce Ale. They are all very tasty, but I highly recommend the spruce ale if you're in the mood for something unique and fantastic.

What We're Listening To:
Corey - Son Volt. One of two bands that emerged from the breakup of alt-country pioneers Uncle Tupelo, Son Volt is much less popular and acclaimed that the other (Wilco) buth they are my personal choice. Their latest release is "American Central Dust," released in 2009. However, their best album might be "Trace," released waaaaaay back in 1995.

Carson - Machester Orechstra's "Virgin". Can't get this song out of my head!

Magic Number Watch:

The Pirates, no matter how bad they are, seems to buck up and play the Phillies well. And the Phils may not be able to score many runs. But I can't see the Phils losing a series when the Big Three all make starts. So, Phils take two in Pittsburgh.


McStudley said...

Yankees released Bill Hall today, maybe we could use him in place of Orr or if Galvis stumbles? He plays lots of positions and has a better pedigree than Orr.

Squire McGuire said...

I thought Worley was starting Sunday and Hamels the home opener?

Preserve Jon said...

Opening Day!!!

I love the Washington Porter.

I also had a friend swear up and down all night that the Spruce Ale was awesome. He saved me the last bottle from the sampler back and forced me to drink it. My personal opinion was, "meh." But to each their own.

Corey said...

re: starting pitchers

ummm, my bad. my research department and editor totally screwed that one up. corrections have been made.

Corey said...

re: spruce ale

haven't tried that one yet but have only heard negative things, until now that is.

GM-Carson said...

Today is my favorite holiday. Even better than Thanksgiving.

My high is being ruined by T-Mac and Wheels though.

The spruce ale is different, but I love it. Never had a beer like it before.

Phils sweep.

GM-Carson said...

J-Roll with a bunt single. Holy shit! No hit bid for Bedard ruined.

GM-Carson said...

You shitting me? 2 hits in 2 at bats for the Pirates. Bad news. Doc needs to pitch a shutout and even that might not get him a win.

GM-Carson said...

Inning ending double play for Galvis in his MLB debut. Great start kid...bleh.

GM-Carson said...

Another inning ending double play for Galvis in his 2nd MLB at bat.

His defense might be spectacular, but the Phils need some offense in the lineup, and I'm doubtful he'll provide any. He's likely to have a sub .600 OPS like Martinez did last year. Go get Mike Fontenot.

Anonymous said...

go get chase utley some knees!

Corey said...

around the majors, currently 2 runs after 21 innings...zzzzzzzz

GM-Carson said...

Galvis 3rd MLB at bat...ground ball to SS. Send this kid back to AAA.

Corey said...

by the time he leaves pennsylvania again, i hope he's hit at least one ball past the infield.

GM-Carson said...

He might hit a weak fly out into shallow outfield.

Corey said...

Bob Walk just called the phils a "punch and judy" team. that's an inslut to judy.

GM-Carson said...

How about this lineup?

1. Pierre/LF
2. Polanco/2B
3. Victorino/CF
4. Pence/RF
5. Rollins/SS
6. Mayberry/1B
7. Wigginton/3B
8. Ruiz/C

That seems like the Phils best bet to score runs while Utley and Howard are out. Thome can start once in awhile at 1st too.

Corey said...

polanco should be at second and galvis should be wherever michael martinez is right now.

GM-Carson said...

Do not take Doc out!!!

GM-Carson said...

Son of a biscuit eater, I forgot to start The Howard counter for 2012. Dustin Ackley had one in the 1st game of the season.

GM-Carson said...

1-0 win. I'll take it.

Warebgdc said...

Yankees released Bill Hall today, maybe we could use him in place of Orr or if Galvis stumbles? He plays lots of positions and has a better pedigree than Orr.