Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Polanco Should Pull an Alex S. Gonzalez

Way back in WSBGMs inaugural season of 2006, the Phillies employed Alex S. Gonzalez. He went on to play in 20 games that season and hit .111 with a .269 OPS. Naturally, we called for his release. Instead he gifted the organization with his retirement. It might be time for Placido Polanco to do the same.

AVG - .179
OBP - .220
SLG - .205
OPS - .425

September - .280/.349/.344/.693
August - .280/.333/.280/.613
July - .100/.217/.100/.317
June - .213/.279/.266/.545
May - .248/.289/.294/.583

Excluding his set the world on fire April of 2011, Polanco has hit .237 (96-405) with a .295 OBP, .279 SLG, and .574 OPS. During that time he's scored 31 runs, has 32 RBI, 8 DBL, and 3 HR.

At the very least Manuel should drop Polly to 7th or 8th in the lineup. Freddy Galvis is hitting better than him for crying out loud.

Oh, and before you go clamoring on and on about his Gold Glove defense...shove it.


Ben said...

If he retires, what do you replace him with? Orr? I think Polly is many times done, but I hope he stays until Utley comes back. Then I agree with you by all means.

GM-Carson said...

Dick Clark died. Much like the Phillies offense, I've thought he's been dead for a long time.

Too soon?

GM-Carson said...

Freddy Galvis is a hitting machine.

Who knew?

Aaron said...

Oh Good Lord................please score 1 fucking run.
Seriously..........grow a pair

Aaron said...

Cliff Lee pitches 10 shutout innings and the Phils are gonna lose.

Aaron said...

10 inning Nix commits error gets bailed out by double play.

top 11th phils get a man on thrid with 1 out. Giants bring in the lefty with the big sweeping curveball. Cholly fuck fuck leaves Thome in and guessed it, K's on a sweeping curveball.

Bottom 11th Wigginton commits error on what should have been an inning ending double play.....base hit, Phils lose. Phils in last place all alone......Exactly where they deserve to be.

11 innings ..........4 fucking hits. and two errors.

Lee tosses 10 shutouts innings and doesn't get a win.

By the time Utley and Howard get back and playing like they can it's gonna be too damn late.

I think we are gonna be trading a lot players away at the deadline this year.

On a positvie note...Freddy Galvis looks like a player.

GM-Carson said...

1- Awesome game by Lee.

2- Thome is not meant for the NL. He needs regular at bats, because with the pinch-hitting gig he has no, he is worthless.

3- I'm thinking 4th finish for the Phils in the NL East.

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