Saturday, April 21, 2012

Good News/Bad News

Hey, the Phillies just got back to level land (.500 at 7-7).  Let's take a look at some of the good and bad so far.
Good News:
*Brian Schneider got his first base hit of the season.

*Jose Contreras worked a scoreless 7th in his first appearance of the season.

*Chad Qualls picked up his 4th hold and hasn't allowed a run in 6 IP.

*Jonathan Papelbon is still perfect in save situations (5 for 5).

*Okay, Freddy Galvis truly is a wizard in the field.  If he played an entire season at 2nd base, he'd get votes for the Gold Glove.  His bat is even coming along.  After starting the year 0-937, he's now 11-37 (.297) over the last 10 games.

*Shane Victorino is batting .315/.817, but is being wasted in the lineup because of Charlie Manuel's lack of vision.  He should be batting 3rd and Polanco should be dropped to 8th. (I guess this is both good and bad).

*Best ERA in baseball, Phillies- 2.20 with 10 quality starts and a 1.08 WHIP.

Bad News:
*Screwy calls- 2 balks (Hamels), called out for bunting in fair territory (Pierre), and a strike called because batter attempted to get hit by a pitch (Victorino).  They were all the correct calls, but that's a lot of screwy ones in one ball game.

*Big Jim Thome.  Good guy, good bat, just not meant for the NL.  Thome needs regular at bats, not something the Phils can give him because of his inability to play the field on a consistent basis.  Thome is now 1-13 with 7 K.

*Phillies pinch hitters are 1-17 (.059) on the season. 

*John Mayberry Jr. is lost.  Completely and utterly lost.

*The Atlanta Braves own the best offense in baseball and have scored 84 runs, that's more than double the Phillies total of 41.

*The Phillies have get more singles than a stripper's g-string.  Extra base "power" is almost nonexistent (only 25 XBH).

*They're still being out-homered by Matt Kemp.  Kemp - 8, Phillies - 7.

*The entire team only has 25 bases on balls.  Shelley Duncan and Carlos Santana of the Indians have 24 combined.


Steve Wulf said...

Just a thought here that begs your opinion. Why not transition Utley to 3rd, leave Galvis at second and drop Polly.. Seems 3rd maybe easier on Utley's knees and provide some longevity for him. Also, why didn't he start rehabbing in the off season.? I know it's there time off but when your paying a dude millions you got a responsibility to the team off season or not.

Aaron said...

My son got a fist pound and a ball from Jose Contreras last night. Then we got to lay out on the outfield grass to watch fireworks after the game. Later my son got his ball signed by the beer guy. And of course the Phils won.........they still suck though.

GM-Carson said...

Steve - Utley doesn't have the arm strength to play 3rd.

I agree with you on the rehabbing in the offseason though. Makes no sense that he played last season, then had 4 months off, and comes back with not 1, but now 2 bum knees. If he had a 3rd knee, it would be effed up come next Spring Training.

Aaron said...

Lee to the DL....we are officially F,d in the A

GM-Carson said...

Wait, was he pitching with the strained oblique?