Saturday, April 07, 2012

The Galvis Divide & Minor League Stuff

The Galvis Divide:
Every season there seems to be a few players that WSBGMs take a hardline stance against and then take plenty of flak from blind Phillies fans, until of course we're proven right (Examples- David Bell, Adam Eaton, Michael Martinez, Danys Baez, No-Hit Nunez, Eric Bruntlett, Ryan Howard's contract, etc.). Anyway, that player this season already seems to be rookie second baseman Freddy Galvis. We don't hate the kid, hell we even root for him. Let's be realistic though, he's not going to hit. Thinking he will is foolhardy. What is the biggest concern facing the Phillies this season? Scoring enough runs! Freddy Galvis is not going to help that situation. I know he's only 22 years old and Thursday was his MLB debut, but let's look at the facts. Facts- in 5 minor league seasons he's only a .246/.613 hitter. That does not translate well to the majors. He has poor base running instincts too, having been caught 33 times in 101 attempts. That's a below 70% success rate. His OB% is .292, holy shit that's horrific! His defense might be solid, but his bat is atrocious. He needs to go. Bring in Mike Fontenot until Utley comes back.

Here's a smattering of some of the flak we've already received on the blog and Facebook...
*I believe you need to give Galvis more than 4 ab as a 22 y.o. rookie. Many of the greatest players of all time have looked over-matched at that age, and certainly in their first game. I agree that he doesn't look good hitting, and I don't believe he will be that good, but have you actually looked at the other options. Fontenot's last 3 years OPS .677, .706, .681 with average at best defense. I'll take a chance with Galvis.

*Wow it's one game and your jumping on the kids back. Give him a fair shot. His bat wasn't that bad during ST.

*1 thing I don't care about DPs. All those DPs mean is he is hitting the ball. Just didn't find a hole. I would rather see Freddy or any player on the phils hit into 100 DPs in a season over striking out 200 times.

*He isn't a great hitter I'll give you that, but he isn't here to hit 50 homers. He is here for his glove and to get on base. That is where the whole putting the ball into play comes into it. He will lay down a bunt, he will hit behind the runner, and more importantly he will take a walk. His slugging percentage means nothing. I want OBP and someone who is fundamentally sound.

*Great glove, he'll hit, I'm not worried one bit! Reminds me of Bowa a little, he'll hit plus had a very good spring. He hit Major league pitching yesterday, just hit the ball in the incorrect spots.

*I think it is a little early to give up on a guy after 1 game? He is your 8 hole hitter, what do you really expect for the 8 hole guy?

*Talk about jumping the gun...what a joke. Martinez & Valdez could not hit for crap either. Give him a chance & if he does not cut it, send him down & bring up Luna to play third & put Polly at 2b.

*It was one game. He's not in the line up because of his hitting, he's in the lineup because of his defense. Period. If he hits, it's a bonus, but his defense is why he's not in Lehigh. If it wasn't for the DP that Galvis turned in the first inning on defense, we would have lost the game. No way Polanco has as much range as Galvis at 2nd. You keep Polly at 3rd. You can't determine anything on Galvis by just one game. It's waaaaay too small a sample size. See what he can do, and I guarantee you that Galvis won't hit in to as many DP's as Valdez.

*Freddy sucks and can't hit. Yeah Yeah Yeah. ONE F'ing game! ONE! He hit .270 this spring. Led team in RBI's. Tied for second in HRs. He makes contact. We need his glove and we have enough strikeout kings. It's nice to see a player actually hit the damn ball.

Okay, there you have it. See how conveniently people ignore facts so that they won't be wrong. For example, what in Galvis' past makes that one dude think "he'll take a walk"? Galvis has only taken 123 walks in 5 minor league seasons and gets on base at an unthinkably low .292 rate. Then there are the people leaning so heavily on his "good spring training". Last time I checked, those stats don't mean shit, but hey, what do I know. Also, we're not giving up on the kid after 1 game. Long before he ever made his MLB debut I've thought that Galvis would never hit MLB pitching well enough to warrant considerable playing time, and this has been based on his track record thus far. Another thing, the person hyping him as the next Bowa should check the stats, as Larry was only a .260/.620 hitter, and sadly that's likely far better than Galvis can produce. Coming into spring training Galvis was an afterthought for the 25-man roster. He's only here out of necessity, because Valdez was traded and both Utley and Martinez are hurt. He didn't earn the starting 2B gig, it was given to him because the Phils had essentially nowhere else to turn.

Minor League Stuff:
*The Phillies have a minor league outfielder named Gauntlett Eldemire. That is seriously one of the most bad ass names ever, while being nerdy at the same time. I almost expect to see some morph of Method Man and Poindexter. Gauntlett was drafted in 2010 and just now appeared in a game due recovery from wrist surgery.

*Jose Contreras got lit up by some Single-A batters on Thursday. He started the game for the Clearwater Threshers and only lasted 1/3 of an inning. He walked 1 batter and surrendered 2 hits, one of which was a homerun, for 3 runs allowed. That's a tidy 81.00 ERA. Well done!

*Lehigh Valley Iron Pigs starter Tyler Cloyd pitched 6 perfect frames and took the win. He's not been touted as to having any future in the bigs, but aside from an awful 2010 (5.17 ERA), he's been solid at every stop along his minor league voyage. Stats: 34-21, 3.59 ERA, 1.23 WHIP, 471.2 IP, 404 K. This is his first taste of AAA, so we'll see how he does.


GM-Carson said...

A nice thought out rebuttal from a Facebook friend:
obviously his aggregate stats won't be that impressive after four years of sub-par hitting. and, true, many outside and within the organization said he would never start b/c of his weak bat, no matter how good his glove was. however, the promise surrounding him comes after a vast improvement in his offensive production last year. granted, it's only ONE season of at least average production, but, in a bind, i think you have to take a chance and force the issue until you are positively sure it won't work. if he's really that bad, it won't take that long, so it won't cost them that many games. but if he can pull a .250 BA, which I think is possible, and wouldn't be any worse than what a number of starters will probably put up this year, then i'll be satisfied.

Bob D said...

Didn't you say yesterday that you mis Michael Martinez already?

I will root for Galvis - but I don't hold any lofty expectations for his offense. I forsee him with a good nukmber of bunt base hits, and even triples when he hits the gaps.

Last year was his first decent offensive season - but it wasn't great. The other players actually have to fill in the offensive void

GM-Carson said...

The Martinez comment was made tongue-in-cheek...we don't miss him.

Corey said...

galvis has been young for every level he's played at. he was in AA by 19. this may partially explain why his numbers got a little better last season as he's gotten older. it may be a sign that in a few years he may be equipped enough to be the teams utility infielder or even the light-hitting shortstop that takes over for rollins.

but not now.

he's not the best option to be starting consistently for this team. he's in over his head.

stat o' the day - in 33 games for the FeHams, galvis hit into 2 double play. he accomplished that in two at-bats on thursday.

GM-Carson said...

Apparently Corey and I are ignoring the facts now, not all the Phans enamored with Galvis. We're ignoring the fact that he's only here for his defense and any amount of offense he produces is all a bonus.

Um, NO!!!

First off, this isn't the 1970's, gotta hit to stick in the Bigs. Also, he's not here because of his defense (albeit, from all accounts it is very good). Nope, he's here because Amaro was shortsighted in regards to middle infield depth. Traded away Valdez, the best option, and then was forced to essentially give 2nd base to Galvis, but not because he wanted to, but because he had to.

GM-Carson said...

Wow, I've not seen Freddy Galvis compared Ozzie Smith, Omar Vizquel, and Larry Bowa by Phils fans. That's some pretty lofty company.

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