Saturday, April 28, 2012

Phillies Make Me Sad

*Don't look now, but Polanco has his batting average the whole way up to .254, but his OPS is still a piddling .595.  Yep, that still sucks! (That was for you Sir Alden)

*Channeling my inner T-Mac...speaking of sucking, J-Roll is killing the team from the 3-hole.  His infield pop-up and GIDP performance last night was horrendous.  He wanted 5 years.  He got 3.  He wanted big money.  He got big money.  We wanted quality. We're missing it- .216/.496 ain't cutting it Jimmy!  No fair weather fan here, just someone who expects more.

*What happened to Doc's swing-and-miss stuff? K per 9 IP: 2008- 7.5, 2009- 7.8, 2010- 7.9, 2011- 8.5, 2012- 5.8.   BB per 9 IP: 2008- 1.4, 2009- 1.3, 2010- 1.1, 2011- 1.3, 2012- 2.4.  Huh?!

*One player that is doing well- Ty Wigginton.  In the midst of a 12-game hit streak, he's batting .320/.875 overall.  How about starting him at 3rd more often and playing Nix at 1st?  Just a thought.

*Bobby Abreu was released by the Angels and they called up uber prospect Mike Trout.

*Ryan Zimmerman was DL'ed by the Nationals and they called up some kid named Bryce Harper.  Never heard of him.


Randy said...

Are we at the point yet where Dominic Brown comes into the conversation?

Jack said...

i don't see why Dominic Brown isn't playing everyday in left for us.

Aaron said...

The're still shitty.

GM-Carson said...

Domonic Brown doesn't appear to be the answer. His defense and bat in Triple-A haven't been so good.

However, Mayberry has been so awful, I'd be willing to give Dom a shot.

SirAlden said...

Polanco has been doing just what I said we needed in the last week before his Oh Fer.

James R leading off gets the winning hit.

1B is now Wiggy/Nix/Thome okey dokey...get a hit Big Jim.!

Hope you feel better GM-Carson.

GM-Carson said...

Thome's back is aching.

Anthony said...

Very nice, Aaron. haha