Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Blind Melon - "No Rain" [Phillies Offense Remix]

All I can say is that my team is pretty lame
Don’t like watchin' them score two runs a game
And all I can do is just pour some beer for two
And blog my point of view
But they’re so lame, They’re so lame

I just want someone to say to me
We got new hitters via trade
You know I'd like to win more than we lose
So fix Utley and we’ll have it made

And I don't understand why I watch all day
And I start to get bummed when there's no runs
And all I can do is email Carson cuz he agrees
The Phils rip my life away, it's a sick disease

All I can say is that my team is pretty lame
You don't like my point of view?
Then you have no brain
They’re so lame… They’re so lame


GM-Carson said...

Can't get much worse? Oh, but it seems to be.

Steve Wulf said...

I think the Phills will grab the wild card this year. I'm not saying this because I am being optimistic. It's because the downward cycle of the last 4 years has gone like this...

2008 won the world series
2009 lost the world series
2010 lost the NLCS
2011 lost the NLDS

to keep things consistent in the faltering Phills it has to play out like this...

2012 lose the wild card game
2013 fall apart on the last day of the season to a last place team much like Boston in 2011 and miss the playoffs all together.

After this the owners finally wise up, fire Amaro and begin to rebuild...Howard will still have 4 years left on his stupid contract which will make us all even madder...but somewhere in there we'll begin to see signs of life again.

GM-Carson said...

Thanks. Now I'm depressed.

GM-Carson said...

Corey pointed out Justin Upton zero RBI this year. Collected 2 last night.

Corey said how bad Patterson was. Faced 5 batters, all 5 scored. ERA is like 30-something now.

Sam said...

Bout sums it up.

Ben said...

Is it bad that I'm happy I can blame in on the pitching for once?

Anyway, now that the Phils have become the Yankees of the NL, I know they'll spend the money to rebuild and do so faster than before- I don't anticipate twenty-four years with a fluke pennant between playoff apperances like last time. That said, we do need a good three or four years to develop a hitting prospect or three. This is why I hope they keep Hamels (and Worley for that matter)- they may very well still be in their primes when we get back to contention.

Corey said...

kyle kendrick looked absolutely putrid last night. the radar gun isn't always accurate, but he topped out at 88, i think. it looked like he was throwing BP. he looked like an inaccurate, right handed jamie moyer. somebody else has to get lee's next start.

McStudley said...

Kendrick'a command was horrible, he had no idea where the ball was going. Maybe from not pitching very much? But if he can't control his location, he's cooked, you're right-a lot like Moyer.

GM-Carson said...

KK was bad, but he'll be getting the next start in place of Lee. They don't have anybody else. The only depth this team has in the minors is relief pitchers. That's sad.

Ben said...

Two homers in one inning?!?!? Take that Kemp!

Aaron said...

There still shitty.