Sunday, April 08, 2012

2 Games, 2 Runs, That's the Phillies

Pitching and defense wins baseball games. Unless, of course, you don't score enough runs to win.

2 games, 2 runs. Record: 1-1. And don't expect Roy Halladay, Cliff Lee, and the rest of the gang to only surrender 1 run every turn through the rotation. Basically, expect more wins than loses unless this offense is able to produce.

*Lineup Construction - why in the hell is the Phillies best all around offense threat batting leadoff? With Utley and Howard out, Victorino should be batting 3rd.

*Get Juan Pierre in there and Freddy Galvis out of there. Pierre in LF, Polanco to 2nd, Wigginton to 3rd, Mayberry/Nix/Thome at 1st.

New Lineup:
1. Pierre/LF
2. Polanco/2B
3. Victorino/CF
4. Pence/RF
5. Rollins/SS
6. Mayberry/Nix/Thome/1B
7. Wigginton/3B
8. Ruiz/C

Still not formidable, but better. Galvis has a great glove, but he's created 10 outs in 8 MLB at bats. Small sample size? Yes, but I've seen enough based on minor league performance as I documented in yesterday's post. If Polanco truly can't handle 2nd base anymore, then go get Mike Fontenot and let him start at 2nd against righties (.267/.750 career against RHP) and give Galvis the start against lefties, while dropping Pete Orr from the roster.

Unless Utley miraculously heals and is ready for action in a couple weeks, we're looking at some sickening offensive production with the team as currently constructed.


Ben said...

Great assessment. I agree with the entire post. Especially from a closet Bunk-co. 8)

Fuhs said...

I was a Galvis apologist, but then Cholly kept him in with 2 men in scoring position and 2 outs. One 3 pitch K later....

I also blame Cholly for burning our long reliever in the 7th.

ACSmitty79 said...

If it wasn't for the pitching, this would be one of those late 80s-90s phillies teams.

GM-Carson said...

Juan Pierre in the lineup, 4 runs. I'm genius.

Now, get J-Roll the hell out of the 3 hole because he's choking there.

Oh, yeah...go Phils!

GM-Carson said...

Freakin' Ty Wigginton can't get his feet right on 1st base and it leads to 2 unearned runs. I hate sloppy baseball. This opening series has NOT been entertaining.

GM-Carson said...

Kyle Kendrick the Phillies new setup man? Hmm...

Aaron said...

BRUTAL!!!!!! This team is terrible. Good thing they added an extra wildcard team this year. Stutes sucks. Herndon sucks, every offensive player besides pence sucks. Even if Howard and Utley come back , they suck too.

Randy said...

There is not enough beer for this.

GM-Carson said...

Go ahead Aaron, vent brotha!