Thursday, March 08, 2012

Over/Under- Placido Polanco

Let's move to the hot corner in our tour around the diamond, where we find Placido Polanco. Polly plays great defense, and when healthy is a solid 2-hole hitter because of his ability to make contact, hit for average, and go the other way. However, "when healthy" hasn't been too much over the past 2 seasons in Philly. Hernias and elbow problems have forced him onto the DL and made his bat punchless. He's a career .301 hitter over 14 seasons with nearly 2000 hits, but at age 36 he's in obvious decline, as he's become nothing more than a singles hitter. I'm predicting Ty Wigginton gets a start a week at 3rd, so Polly's games played are going to be in line with what he's averaged the past 2 years with the Phillies.

2012 Projection:
Placido Polanco/3B - 128 G, .286/.702, 69 R, 21 DBL, 5 HR, 54 RBI.

Over or under?

*It might only be spring training, but Dontrelle Willis' performance has been awful (2 G, 1.2 IP, 27.00 ERA, 4.80 WHIP, 3 BB, .500 OPP AVG). He also reported a sore arm after his outing yesterday. Joe Savery, are you ready?

*Scott Podsednick is batting .500/1.475 with 3 doubles. Watch out Juan Pierre.

*Jim Thome is going to play first base on Monday in a minor league game. I'm hoping he's able to withstand the rigors of playing the field 15-20 games this season.


Anonymous said...

"rigors of playing the field 15-20 games" - what a hardship this man must endure. pay him more money, i say!

GM-Carson said...

If Thome has a productive/healthy year I wonder if he and the Phils would think about coming/bringing him back for 2013, especially since they're be more DH opportunities with the new 15 team leagues.

Preserve Jon said...

Let's get through a healthy April before we talk about 2013. Thome's had a balky back for years.

Bob D said...

I say play Thome 3 days a week until Howard returns. I also predict Polanco has a rebound year but Wigginton will get starts there on reg basis.

Anonymous said...

Hell, I'll take some small ball, any hits are good hits.