Saturday, March 10, 2012

Over/Under- John Mayberry

Alright, the infield has been previewed and now we turn our eyes to the outfield where we'll find John Mayberry playing LF.

We're going to be seeing a lot of John Mayberry this season in left field and at first base. Some baseball analysts think he's best suited for a platoon situation, because of his struggles against right-handed pitching (.236/.762), but I think given the chance he'll do just fine. The batting average will be low, the strikeouts will be high, but he'll produce a decent OPS with some power and knock in some runs while playing adequate defense (at both positions). He's a cheaper upgrade over Ibanez, that much seems a given. Let's remember he is in his age 28 season, which is generally the "prime" year of many batters.

2012 Projection:
John Mayberry/LF - 136 G, .251/.795, 61 R, 23 DBL, 20 HR, 72 RBI, 13 SB.

Over or under?


GM-Carson said...

Every passing day that Howard continues to be in a boot, I am that much happier our smug GM decided to bid against himself and pay Howard 5 yr/$125M. So smart!

Andrew said...

I may put his Runs higher if he's batting in the 2-4 positions. But otherwise, looks good and hopefully he produces those 70 RBIs

BobS said...

If he can get 20 HRs over the season that would offset a lot of Howard's MIA in the first half season as well as offer protection in the lineup for whoever precedes JMJ, most notably Pence who probably will pressure himself to clear the bases hitting out of the clean up slot

Sam said...

Feeling bullish, going over on this one

SirAlden said...

Mini Mart - M&M sucks.

Choking Big Time in the field.

Galvis Pressure.

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